The Rockin' Years....

(Whitey and Jackie have been together for almost 9 years. We would love to try and keep them together.)

Meet "Jackie", an 11 year old female Puppy Mill Rescue Bichon Frise. Jackie was saved by some great folks, Jim and Dee Fales, who breed, show, and rescue GORGEOUS Great Danes.:)
Outlaw Great Danes

They saved her, when no one else wanted her, at a recent Puppy Mill Auction, along with several other small breeds, that day!
Other Auction Rescues by Dee and Jim
They paid 10 dollars for Jackie, and then contacted us. I picked up this baby this morning. She has worked hard, all of her life...she deserves a nice retirement package now... don't you think?:) Jackie turned eleven years old in January. She has a callous on the back of her ear, from wearing the metal Puppy Mill collar, all of her life. The Fales groomed her, and lovingly cared for her for two weeks, until I picked her up.

Before and After Pics

Jackie now, in rescue.......Jackie after the auction.

THANK YOU Jim and Dee, for saving these babies!

Here is the neat couple who saved these babies!
Jim and Dee Fales, ( with their beautiful show Great Dane.
Here are some more babies, that these wonderful folks rescued that day!
Dogs Rescued from Puppy Mill Auctions

Meet "Whitey", the 9 year old male Bichon, that was saved at the same Puppy Mill Auction, by Jim and Dee. He was $10 also. He is a little shy and scared....inside his sad exterior, is a real Bichon, just waiting to come out.

8 1/2 Year old Whitey, today, after the Fales saved him and groomed him.

Whitey, after rescue ..........Whitey at the auction

The place we chose to meet, was the Grove, Oklahoma Civic Center, where a dog show was taking place. GUESS what WE saw????
(I took Chipper and Spunky Monkey with me on this run)
SHOW BICHONS!!!!!!!!!!!!I marched right over there and introduced myself and handed out! Look at these fluffs!!!

Meet "Fannie"! Fanny is from Misourri and was getting ready to show her stuff to the judges!
Fannie's Moma came over to my car and met Chipper the tall, Spunky Monkey, the cute, and Jackie and Whitey the recently rescued.
Jim Fales and I, told her a little about how the Puppy Mill auctions work. As I was leaving, she said, "Thank you for what you do." It was a very good day.:)