Sunny and Moonbeam
Both Have Been Adopted!!

Meet "Moonbeam" He is 9 weeks old, and was born 3/3/00, and is a Puppy Mill baby, who has a slight overbite, which saved him from the broker and the pet shop! It is not very noticable.:)

Moonbeam, killing the toy.:) (Spunky Monkey, one of my Bichons, looks up at the camera.)

Meet "Sunny", Moonbeam's Mom, right after rescue.. Sunny was born 1/03/99, and is a Puppy Mill rescue. She has a pretty obvious overbite, (and should have never been bred..) ...which can be disguised by a good groomer.:)

This is her overbite. Now, the good news is..she is as friendly as a spotted pup, and raises up to be picked up and cuddled.:) Of course theur names are just for paperwork purposes and can be changed. :)

Sunny, (Now named "Nellie"), after grooming, getting ready for the plane ride to "SUNNY" Florida.:)