November 12, 2005

Scroll down for graphic pictures of Bichons that have suffered years of neglect.

"Claire" was nine months old when we rescued her from a puppy mill auction. Little did we know the horrors we would uncover. At 9 months old, she appeared to be deaf, blind and completely mentally disabled. Today we scored a HUGE victory. We went undercover and bought all of the Bichons that her "breeder" had. An illness is prohibiting them to continue. 21 Bichons came on home to Small Paws, today. 17 females and 4 males. These Bichons need your help. Please read. This situation is definitely of the utmost urgency.

This is the newsletter explaining how these 21 Bichons came to Small Paws. They need your help. We used our vetting funds to purchase their freedom, and we are praying we can replenish those funds by Monday night, when we must pay our vet bills.

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How to Become a Much Needed Small Paws® Rescue Foster Parent!

Below, are the first pics. Some are graphic.

See the first video from last night. Tissue Warning.

See the second video from last night.

See the third video from last night.

Download a freee quicktime video player.

Wait until you see what they looked like...out of the crates.

No explanation needed.

I don't know how anyone can even tell this is a dog, let alone a Bichon.

Bonnie is pointing to the tail. There are huge mats hanging from the legs and feet.

You just had to see it to believe it. This one's ears are matted shut inside.

Don't ask. I don't know which part this is.

Dale holds one. It's hard to make out some of theio body parts with this much matting.

This little one is small, like Tennessee Tommy is.

Two of them look like either Maltese or Yorkie Bichon mixes.

Bonnie and Dale hold two of the youngest pups.

This one's eyes are covered in mats.

What is this? How can you even tell this is a dog?

Their feet are filled with mats between their toes and pads.

Their toes are splayed (spread apart unaturally) from standing on wire. Mats grew in between their toes.

Their toe nails are curling under when they walk.

I think they know they will be sleeping in greener pastures now.

My husband, Dale, and Bonnie hold two of our newest fluffs.

This one's eyes ar blocked by mats.

There is a mat the size of your fist, coming out of this one's eye.

Three of them are pretty happy to be out of there.

We have a smile.

November 22, 2005

This is a BEFORE and AFTER picture of little CANDY CANE, our poster child for the worst dread locks we have seen to date! It will take some time for that staining to grow off of her face, but I am betting she will have a beautiful coat when she grows out!!

Candy Cane Before...

Candy Cane After!

Ok, Ok...I hear ya! Here are a few of the rest of them after grooming! They are named Christmas and Hanukkah names!

These are young females and you should get your apps in as soon as possible! They will be gone! Christmas Carol will be beautiful when she grows out!
Fill out an online adoption application!

Dreidel Drew, one of the four little males in this group of 21!

Holly is doing the wave!

Jingle Belle is a doll. Look at that darling face!

Macy is happy to be out from under those mats! Underneath all of that, they appear to be in good shape!

Menorah Norah has the most beautiful halos around her eyes!

Meet a real live Christmas Elf! This baby managed to keep some of her coat. She is four years old and precious!

I just know they feel so much better now! Thank you all for supporting their rescue!