Ozzie and Harriet
UPDATE: URGENT HELP NEEDED. PLease see pics and letter below...

Two sweet babies need homes.

Aren't they sweet?! Bonnie and Rick have done a wonderful job with them!! Here is a letter that Bonnie has written about them. We need urgent help!

Howdy Everyone!!!

We thought we would take some time and update you on our lives since being rescued at a Puppy Mill Auction on April 25 by Small Paws®. Man oh man have our lives changed!!!!! For one thing our names changed pronto! FM (fostermom) didn’t like the names Ozzie and Harriet and started calling Harriet, Ethel because of the Ray Stevens song, “The Streak”, don’t look Ethel...but it was to late....hmmm ok FM is showing her age. We digress....anyway, FM started calling Harriet, Ethel and then Ozzie went through several names....ending up with Fred or Freddie or Cuddles ....hehehe we weren’t supposed to tell you the Cuddles part though, now he’s embarrassed. We don’t care what FM calls us, as long as she doesn’t call us late for dinner....we lovvveeeeeee to eat!

We have been living with our foster family; mom and dad, Lil Fuzz, Maggie Lint, and Buffy Rae, for a month now and the transition was really tough. After spending our whole lives in a wire cage, we weren’t really sure how to walk on the ground. Our little feet were all splayed and our gait was lopsided. We shook and looked scared all the time. We didn’t know that blankets and pillows were things to sleep on. And we had no clue what a Kong was!!!!!

For the first few days, all we did was sit in the corner of the room and shake. When FM (fostermom) took us out we would just cower on the ground. After awhile though we started learning the lay of the land and just the other day, Fred, blitzed around Lil Fuzz....he blitzed I tell ya!!!! Just for a second though, cause then he caught FM looking and quickly slunk away. We sure wouldn’t want FM to think we were having fun or anything....we like to act scared and nervous ‘cause she feels so sorry for us!

Then there was the Kong episode....FM gave us each a kong. We just sat and stared at it. It was kinda scary to look at. After a few minutes we sniffed it. Hmmmmm had a nice aroma but we didn’t recognize it. Later we found out the aroma was cream cheese. So we sniffed it a little bit and then suddenly Ethel grabs hers in her mouth and gets all the yummies out of it. Man, did that make a believer out of us!!!! Now every morning we keep our paws crossed and hope to get more kongs.

We are starting to enjoy affection but we won’t let ourselves be caught easily. Once we are caught and in a lap, we cross our paws over the persons arm and don’t let go.....we now know that a hand is capable of nice things, not always mean things.

We have lots of little quirks, if you look at us and make eye contact we run away. We will follow FM to the ends of the earth but won’t get to close to her. FM thinks we are going to make terrific companions someday but we need to be with someone that is patient and has either older or no children. We like the quiet life. Won’t you open your heart to one or both of us? We would like to stay together but if you could give us lots of love we would be fine separated too.

Ozzie and Harriet (sitting up) are two puppy mill auction rescues. Ozzie is 5 years old, and Harriet is almost 6.

Ozzie likes to hang on...:)

Harriet is a tail wagger, and affectionate!

Ozzie's teeth are very bad.....

Ozzie's teeth started to bleed..while he was getting a dental exam. Many of his teeth are loose, and there is a raw nerve exposed. He is having an emergency dental cleaning, and extractions done right now. Dr. McKinney told me, he doesn't know how many teeth he can save.:(

Ozzie and Harriet both need adult homes, with at least one other dog in residency. Will you share your heart?