Mountainburg Arkansas Auction
(At the bottom, is a complete list & pics of the Bichons.
All of these babies, need to be adopted to homes with other dogs, preferably other Bichons. :)
I didn't pick the names this time. These names are part of their registered names. All Bichons on this page are microchipped.)

Today I traveled to Mountainburg, Arkansas, for a Puppy Mill auction, and was I ever pleasantly surprised. Though the kennel had over 300 dogs for sale, (They were liquidating and are going to become brokers) these dogs were in great shape. None of them were thin, or had bad coats. They looked wonderful. The large breeds..were brought into the auction tent on LEASHES...yes LEASHES!
These dogs were wagging their tails..and the kennel owner called each one by NAME, yes by name. The dogs were not inexpensive, today.:(
There were many people there. We got eight Bichons for Small Paws®...and I want to show them to you, but first...I want to tell you something that happened today. After the auction, Jim from Outlaw Great Ganes
, THANK YOU DEE AND JIM!!) loaded our babies for us, and I went up up and thanked the kennel owners, for being so good to the dogs. I thanked them for taking such good care of the Bichons. Then the lady kennel owner, Mrs. Peck, looked me dead in the eye and said, "Are YOU Bichon rescue????"
I gulped and said, "Yes Ma'am, I am"...and then she said, "Can I hug your neck?"....and then she proceeded to do just that!
She thanked me for taking the ones I got. Yes, she knew who we were. I actually gave her my card. I showed her the list of the dogs we got..and she was glad we got the older females, and especially the one with a mamary tumor..because she knew we would take care of it. She said, "These dogs have been kennel dogs all of their they can just be Bichons with a home.
Oh! One more thing..there was one time, the auctioneer was trying to get me to bid on a Bichon...and I had been bidding on it..... and someone else was bidding against me..and it was my turn to put up or shut up...and he looked me straight in the eye and said, "Lady, THIS one needs a good home, toooooo...."..Yup..he knew who we were.:)
Ok!!Ok!! One more story...and then the pictures.
This lady comes up to me right after I left the auction tent..and says.."Did you buy you some Bichon Puppies?" I told her I got 2 six month old females..and she said."Can I buy one off of ya?" I say, "Ma'am, I am Bichon Rescue. WE vet these dogs and spay & neuter them all...I don't think you would want one after that..." And then she says, "THANK GOD!!!! You are THEM!!!! You are the rescue people!"..I'm now looking around for the Candid Camera..and she explains.."I HATE Puppy Mills...I came today to try to save a Bichon puppy....I want a Bichon puppy..but they sold all of the puppies..with the mothers...I want a SPAYED pet Bichon baby..for my house! For me!! I have studied all about them.!"
She proceeds to give me a complete history lesson on the breed we love so much. Then, in front of God and everybody..she breaks down in tears..and hugs me...saying "THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!! Thank you for what you do!"..WEll, as you can now...I am starting to tear up pretty good the point of being speechless..(Alright..I heard that)..and so I go to pay for our babies, ( yes, we emptied the bank and headed to the building where they were.
There are now about five people..and they are I turn around to see what is going on...and it is ME they are clapping about. You got it."Bichon Expert Lady who wants a puppy"..has told her friends..and they are all there thanking me. I told them I was only the INSTRUMENT...that is was all of YOU guys..who sent money..YOU guys..who go after shelter dogs all across the country....YOU guys..who take the owner turn in's and foster them. YOU guys..who ARE Small Paws® Rescue. I just drive the car. Today was a good day. I wish we could have gotten them is the line-up. You are all parents, again. :) Love,Robin

Does this tell you anything? This baby belongs to Dee and Jim, and had his whole arm in the cage..playing with these babies!!!

Dee's boy again:) He lubs dem doggies.:)

The 7 females are on the right..and the one 4 year old male. is in the purple crate.

"Where we going Lady?!"

Thought this was an ironic the bumper sticker..hahaha!

Golden Rescue was there!!!!!!!

These dogs looked great for mill dogs.:)

OK!! OK!! Here are the babies!!!!:)

ADOPTED by Cindy!!!
Hollie Born 4/05/97
Hollie just turned three years old. Hollie has a wonderful personality! Look at her try to get some pets! SHe is socialized, but not housetrained. Remeber..they have lived in a kennel all of their lives.


Miss Moppett was born 06/09/94. Moppet is about to turn 6. She need to be in an adult home. She is a good baby, that just needs a little love and attention.

Look at Moppet's teeth. These teeth are in very good condition. Sometime or another, this baby has had it's teeth cleaned.:) I am so thankful for the condition of these babies.

Our babies wait for their turn on the vet's table.

ADOPTED by Diane!!
Little Kewpie. Born 5/19/92 I purposely bid for her. She is 8, and she needed to be gotten out of the business.
Kewpie is 8 years old and will go to live with Cashmere's Mom!!!


Ok...Pollyana is a HOOT and a butt-wagger deluxe!! She has the greatest personality! She does have a mamory tumor. It will be removed during her spay surgery. She was born 6/9/94...whoever gets to adopt her,..wins the lottery! She REALLY has personality PLUS!!

Pollyana's breast tumor, wasn't a tumor at all! It was a hernia, and was repaired! :).

ADOPTED by Laura!

DewDrop. Born 11/25/99. She is a puppy, not yet 6 mos. old. She is happy, fiesty and spunky! The auctioneer, (who was very professional..not sleazy at all ,this time), told the audience.."This little girl has her whole life ahead of her. She will put your kids through college!"...I knew we had to get her out.

ADOPTED by Amy!!
Misty. Born 11/25/99. She is DewDrop's sister. She has a sweet, mellow personality, and did not fight the blood tests from the vet.:) She was supposed to be someone's college education too.:(

Adopted by Ginger!!

Daisy. Born 4/5/97 She is Hollie's sister. She just turned three years old. C-U-T-E and a snuggler..and a tail wagger!

BARNEY IS ADOPTED by Mr. and Mrs. Pike!
Barney is a tail wagger, too..

They were squeeking to him off to the side.

Barney Fife was born 11/1/95 He is a little shy..NOT BAD..but would do well in an adult home, I think. CUTE!! He is a doll baby!!