3 Year old "Roscoe"

Roscoe has a broken heart.

We desperately need a foster home, or a permanent home, for little "Roscoe". He is NOT a Puppy Mill rescue.He was an OTI (Owner Turn In) Roscoe's Picture
I was contacted by Roscoe's owner, last week. He's having a marking problem, and so...they gave him up.:(
He is depressed of course, and wondering where his
family is. This morning, he had a Mom and a Dad, kids, and another dog, with which to blitz. Now he has no one, and is in a boarding cage, at a vet's office, he doesn't know.
Roscoe was born Oct 10, 1996. He is only 3 years old. He is good with older kids. (Their kids were over 8 years old) and he is good with other dogs. He is already neutered, and will be current on vaccinations and he will have a HW test, tomorro. He is small and weighs about 12 pounds. He is very sad tonight.:(
I want to thank one of our volunteers, Donna (dpalen@email.msn.com). Bichons are not her breed, but she drove over 5 hours today, to take him into rescue, for us. She is not really set up to foster at her home, (she has three large males) so he is being boarded. Donna is located in Des Moines, Iowa.
Roscoe really needs a place to go. It would be so great, if he could be placed within driving distance of Donna.
This morning, we flew "Jan",
Small Paws® Rescue: Wheaton, Mo. 5/27/00
out to California, to be fostered by Jackie, (JLi1998@aol.com)
She ("Jan", not Jackie...hahahah) is about 40 days pregnant, and will stay with Jackie, and have her last litter of babies. Jackie kept "Belle" during the last part of her pregnancy, and raised her one surviving baby. Thank you JACKIE!!
Tomorro we will fly "Greg" Small Paws Rescue: Little Greg
(http://www.smallpawsrescue.org/pup3/greg.html) out little wild child, to Pam (Pkbichon@aol.com), ...weather permitting, and are grateful for the chance to do so! Thank you PAM!!!.
We have had a few airfare bills of $162.56, lately...and it would be great if we can find someone for Roscoe, without having to fly him.
Here is an application... Smallpaws Rescue's Online Adoption Application ..if you can think of anyone who would be a good home for him..someone who can have patience to work with his marking problem...someone who can give him a forever home...and make sure he is never feeling this way again, all alone, with no one who loves him.....let me know.. Little Roscoe needs a home.
And Donna, bless your heart for reaching out to this little Bichon..I love you for that. Love,Robin