ODE TO JOY!!!!!!!!!

The Wheaton Mo. Puppy Mill Auction

We have had a miracle of sorts!! TWO Miracles for Greg. The first is that Greg, has a place to go, despite the fact that he may bite. The second is....that he is so much calmer today. I held him, and petted him , right near his face....could it be TRAVEL that freaks him out?? God has heard our prayers...I think he is going to be ok..and with Pam's care, he just may blossom. Here he was, an hour ago, this morning, when I went to visit him.

Greg in the arms of Amber..the only one brave enough to remove him from his kennel. He is relaxed and smiling. I told him he has a home now.

That is my hand in front...on his face. He snuggled my hand. Thank you GOD. Thank you.

Here is the letter I sent out last night about Greg...

Hi you guys,
It is with a heavy heart, I come to you, hoping someone will have a last minute is the story.
Last Saturday, at the auction, one of the males we bought, "Greg" was auctioned, wearing a pink halter, and walking on a leash. I thought he looked like a pet.. We bought him of course. He turned 4 years old a few days ago.Small Paws® Rescue: Wheaton, Mo. 5/27/00
I first knew something was wrong, when he was delivered to the be loaded..with his mouth taped shut with medical gauze. Of course I threw a walleyed fit, and said to get that off of that dog. It was 100 degrees, and he coud not even pant. They went and got the miller, and she said, "He will be fine, he just was a little excited"..and she removed the tape. He did not try to bite her
Then I took them all over to Auntie Gail's. Scott, her SO, picked all of the dogs up, and put them in an x-pen. No one tried to bite.
Today, I went there to pick them up. Gail, got in the x-pen and crouched down, and got them, one by one.... No one tried to bite.
When I got to the vet's office..."Greg" did not want to come out of that crate....we had to lasso him out. Then, he was trying to bite..anything and everything. It took 45 minutes, with three of us, to wrestle him down, so we could get a muzzle on him..even after the muzzle..he was trying to bite through it.We had to practically hog him... him, just to draw blood.
Now remember, today at Gail's, I saw this dog, wagging his tail, and raising up on the side of the x-pen....acting like a Bichon....with sweet eyes.
Here is what I think is happening. I think..he has just never been touched around his face at all. Dr. McKinney needed to look in his mouth..he needed to take was as if..when we started touching him..he became like a wild animal.
I can not place this baby. No way, no how. Does anyone have any ideas? This would be the first one..we have ever had to even THINK about euthinizing, because of temperament. I do NOT want to do this.
Dr. McKinney suggested I come and talk to you guys..and see if anyone has a miracle idea. I will wait till I get a chance to hear from you guys, before making a decision. YOU are Small Paws® Rescue. Without you guys...there would be no Small Paws® Rescue. I value your opinions. Love,Robin

and the letter we got about him this morning!!!, from Pam Knight, ( who is going to be his Moma. We ar esending him to Pam...amd YES, I am filled with JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<Been there, just did that. BUT< willing to try again. If you can get him to COLORADO, I will see if back in a "kennel" environment with lots of bichon friends around he would be fine. If he is fine here, but not placeable, we will keep him. And Robin, I promise I will do all I can to keep him away from the big E. Maybe he needs the doggy environment for his life.