Fritz and Alex are two 8 year old Bichons, whose Mom passed away. Their Dad, couldn't cope and took them to a shelter. Our wonderful AOL Board Monitor, Elyse, went to spring them from the shelter. She spent litterally thousands of dollars on their vet care. One of them had a tumor, and needed surgery. Thankfully, it was benign. Elyse talked her parents into fostering them. (She lives in a condo with a no pets policy)
We placed them with some friends of her parents.
One day, a few months later, Elyse, got a call from the same shelter, where she had first found "her boys". They were back. The adoptive parents, ignored the clause about returning them to us, if anything went wrong, and took them back to the kill shelter. The director called Elyse, and Elyse, called me in tears. She went and got them again, and boarded them at a vet's. This time, we placed them with a lady who has been applying for one of our rescues for months. YES! She would take BOTH of the boys together! And..that's not all! another on of our volunteers, paid for their airfare to the new Mom!Thank you ELyse..for saving Fritz and ALex!!!

Update August 17, 2000
Fritz and Alex have come back into rescue. Their new adoptive mom changed her mind, and left them at another kill shelter. (Big no no....) Luckily we were called. Little did we know that this was our Fritz and Alex. Here they are on Aug. 17, 2000

They are staying in a double suite...see the hole where they can run back and forth, but still be together?:) They need to stay together. They need you.
August 23, 2000
The boys romp on the lawn of Dr. McKinney's.

Subj: Re: Greetings from Massachusetts
Date: 9/19/2000 7:21:09 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (tinkerbell jell)

Good morning from Fritz and Alex,
We just wanted to update you on how things are going
for us here in Massachusetts. Our new home is very
roomy and our owners really love us. We go for
nightly walks at Nahant Beach, Alex turns his face
into the wind and runs so that I can have the fun of
catching up to him. Our owners think that they are
taking us for a walk when in all actuality we wind up
taking them for a run. The little girl who we live
with is so precious her parents went out and bought us
a nice soft comfortable bed to lay in and put it in
her room, but because she loves us so much she waits
until after lights out and calls us up onto her bed
everynight and tucks us in under the covers. She is
so sweet. She also gets up every morning at 6a.m. and
throws on some sweat pants and takes us out into the
back yard to check out the morning dew and the garden
in the back yard. You know what we mean. Of course
there is the every Saturday bathing ritual that she
has gotten us into as well, she is very gentle and our
coats are so white when she gets done washing us and
brushing us until our fur shines. Our coats are
growing in (this is a good thing as it gets chilly at
night)and we know that we are going to let them grow
for the winter. Well we have to go now it is time to
play with the little one (we are so happy in our new
home) and then we get to snuggle on the laps of the
grownups or sometimes just lay around where ever we
want, or go for a long walk and explore the
neighborhood. They protect us and we protect them.
Thank you Robin for placing us in such a loving home.