Wheaton Misourri Auction

Today, I travelled to Wheaton Misourri, for a Puppy Mill Auction. Here is what we were able to bring back.:) I don't know much about personalities yet, though they are wagging tails. They are staying at Auntie Gail's, until Tuesday morning, when the vet's opens. If anything is mispelled, please forgive me..I am so tired..I should have stayed over..but wanted to get home to my babies, and hubby.:)

First..you have to meet "Cody"
I know he is a funny looking Bichon...but, I met Cody, this morning, on the way to Wheaton, when I stopped for directions at a local convienance store. It was right on Highway 86. There was Cody, starting to cross the highway, and cars were just a whizzin' by. I prayed, "Oh GOD!! NOOOOOO...."..and I'll be if that dog didn't turn himself right around..and came back over to the store. I grabbed the camera and a leash, and got out of the car, and this big, huge, WET, smelly, WET, muddy, WET German Shepherd Dog..came over to me. I opened the store door..and called in.."Does anyone know whose dog this is??" while holding onto his collar. That's when he darts inside the store...I tried to act as if he was just with me..., and this was no big deal. (Why do these things ALWAYS happen to ME???)
The lady inside, explains that the dog has been there all morning, and has almost been hit several times... Well, guess what..he has tags on!! (a miracle in itself, being that we were way out in the boondocks.) We call the vet, and then we call his Dad..who is MORTIFIED that "Cody" is "out"...says he will be "RAT Jere.":)
While we are waiting for the Dad, the lady says.."I hope that dog ain't neutered..I would like to take him home and use him to breed a female Black GSD that I have at home, and she is in heat NOW"...
I volunteer for the dirty deed, and after feeling two very large gonads, I announce, "Oops..sorry... He is nuetered.."....Yup..I was telling a big ole fat fib. Shame on me.
When his Dad arrived, I watch him load Cody in the back of the truck...I don't say anything, about the dog riding in the back of the truck...as I am just happy the guy has come for the dog. I ask the guy if Cody has gotten out before..he says that he had..I ask him if he knows why..he says "No"..I tell him.."BECAUSE HE IS NOT NEUTERED, AND IS LOOKING FOR LOVE IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES..and he will be smashed dead and bloody on the highway if you don't get him cut! (A phrase the country people use for neutered.)
I'll be if the guy doesn't pull out a cell phone..call the vet..tell them Cody is ok..and ask if he can bring him over to get him"fixed". Then the guys asks me if it will hurt...I tell him, "It wont hurt YOU abit, and for him...it is not as bad as getting crunched on the road"....and off I go to the auction, smiling BIG time.:)

Ok..Here are out babies..now the wierd thing is..the 2 girls all sisters, and the two boys are brothers. I got three dogs from one breeder, and one dog from another breeder......so I got them from 2 different breeders..Don't ask..I dunno.

Greg, Born 5/29/96 almost 4 years old
Available by contacting Pam Knight, at PKbichon@aol.com

Peter, Born 5/29/96 Almost 4 years old.

Marsha, Born 5/4/95 5 years old.(Very sweet eyes!)

Jan is on Maternity leave, with one of our volunteers. SHe is 40 days pregnant.
Scott , at Auntie Gail's, holds Jan, Born 5/4/95 She is 5 years old, and has a Teddy Bear Body.:)
UPDATE! Jan delivered three healthy babies on June 22! Two boys and a girl.

They wait to be loaded into the car at the auction...They must be scared..even though I am telling them, they will be loved and will sleep in the bed with a Mom and Dad soon.

Bobby Born 6/10/97
As I was leaving, the auctioneer was still "auctioning"..and I heard these words.."Will nobody give me twenty dollars for this 2 year old little male?" Before I looked to see what it was..I hollered out from behind the cashier's line. "I'll do it!"....and looked to see what I had bought. I will contact Westie Rescue, for "Bobby." OK..I am goin to the bed now.:)