The Independence Day Babies!
Glory!! Glory!! We were able to get these two out!!
Dale and I drove to Lake of the Ozarks, Mo., last Friday, to go after two 11 month old Bichon Pups. It was a six hour drive one way, with Fourth of July Weekend traffic, so we stayed all night, and got home last night.
This brother and sister belonged to a mill, that was shutting down, and would be selling the rest of their "stock" to other breeders. Small Paws® Rescue stepped in and bought these, for $125 each, to stop the cycle with at least these two.
These are two of the most poorly bred Bichons, I have ever seen, and the lady was actually planning to breed them to each OTHER.:(
They are so sweet..and will make wonderful babies for someone!
I am so thankful that we had your donations, to be able to get them out. There were other breeds, and we contacted the other breed rescues, but...they did not have funds to get their breed out. Thank God for you guys..we were able to save these two babies.
Ok.....Here they are...!

"Glory" and "Patriot" see a squirrel in our front yard. Glory really protects Patriot.:)

Glory is 15 inches tall. Both of these pups had fleas very badly, and lost some fur over the deal...

Adopted by Sandra and Chris!
Patriot is 12 inches tall. He has the sweetest face. Both babies willl come to you and play with you.:)

Patriot blitzing the night before he flies home!

Patriot Snuggling...after grooming!
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