3 Year Old Bonnie Shey

We were notifed of this precious 3 year old Owner Turn In, in the Little Rock, Arkansas, shelter. She had supposedly been turned in, for killing puppies. I later found out what the more probable scenario was. You see, she had a Shi-Tzu, who was her companion for 3 years. The Shih- Tzu had babies. The owner came in to find the babies dead. They thought the Mother wouldn't kill the babies, and so it must have been the Bichon. Well, folks, I am here to tell you, I don't believe she has a mean bone in her little body. She is just as sweet as they come. She is leash trained, and I do believe, housetrained. When she barked in her crate, I would stop the car, and get her out on the leash. 3 different times, in 6 hours, she had to go potty...and she let me know! She did not want to ride in the crate, so when we stopped for lunch, I brought her up front with me. She likes McDonalds:) She likes people...

Dale and Bonnie Shey outside of the vet's office.

Bonnie Shey was not happy at the shelter. They were thrilled that we came to spring her!
Bonnie Shey weighs 16 pounds.

Bonnie Shey sits on our window seat, the day before her new parents arrive to take her home!

Bonnie SHey..now named BINKY, waits to meet her new MOm and Dad at the airport!

Sharon, and Eric, Binky's new Mom and Dad!(shrkrask@home.com)They flew all night to come for her!

Is she lucky or what???!:)