8 Year Old Pookie Needs Your Help

Read Susan's Account of Pookie's Story With Pictures

Susan (IHarleyPup@aol.com) holds Precious Pookie, outside of Dr. McKinney's office, here in Tulsa.
Poor little Pookie. She was turned into the Topeka, Kansas, shelter, for loosing her housetraining..well DUH!!!!! This poor baby has a bladder FULL of BLADDER STONES, and is urinating pure blood. I saw the ex-ray. SHe is FULL of stones! She has not seen a vet for FIVE YEARS, according to the previous "owner".
Tomorro she will undergo surgery, here in Tulsa, to remove them. We are praying for funds to come in to pay for her surgery. This can not wait. It is an emergency.
Susan drove Pookie to Tulsa, today, after Kansas State Vet School, determined her bloodwork is all good. She turned blue yesterday, at Susan's vet, and we still don't know why. The vet school wanted nearly $1000 for the surgery. They charged $100 to tell us they don't know why she turned blue. Dr. McKinney will do the surgery for much much less, so we brought her to Tulsa. Please pray for Pookie. She is so sweet and did not deserve this neglect.:(

Here are the Bladder STONES that came out of poor little Pookie's tiny bladder!

The day after surgery..she feels GRRRREAT! She was bouncing and smiling! What a relief that must have been for her!
Soon, she will fly inside the cabin to her new home with Ron and Christine, in California!