Small Paws® supporters, send Bungee to the Texas A&M Vet School, for heart surgery!!!
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Bungee is a Little Bichon, born April 9, 2000, into a Puppy Mill, with a grade 6 heart murmor. He needed corrective surgery, or he would have died.
Bungee Video

Another Bungee Video!
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Small Paws® Rescue: First, Bungee goes to Oklahoma State University Vet School

See Bungee's Medical Records from Texas A&M, Including his Ultrasound!

Bungee eyes a package, that Joy brought for him, when she met us at the Denver airport. Jack and Joy Flora, (jflora@uswest.com) donated the air travel for Bungee and me.:) In the package was a stuffed little hedgehog, as well as a cash donation, for our trip. Thank you Joy and Jack!.:)

Little Bungee plays with his stuffed hedgehog, at the hotel,Tuesday night, in Austin. The good news is, he has no idea there is anything wrong with his little heart...:)

What do you MEAN, "Get outta that suitcase?!!!"

Texas A&M Veterinary School Small Animal Clinic

4th year Vet Student, Kimberly, holds little Bungee.

Bungee chews on a chewy, while he is examined by Kimberly...:)

Bungee's Cardiologist, Dr. Gordon,on the right, and Kimberly. We just LOVE Dr. Gordon!

A HUGE Thank you to the Copper/Chris fund, at Texas A&M Veterinary Teaching Hospital!
The director of the hospital is Mr. Hank C. Reinhard, Jr. Yesterday, he studied Bungee's case and made sure that his case met all of the criteria, set forth by the wonderful woman who began this special fund.
He told me how the fund, came to be about. It seems, there was a young man, who wanted to be a vet. He was in vet school at Texas A&M. Some of his buddies, and he, were out one night, hauling something for a friend, in a pick-up truck. The load they were carrying, was light..something like cardboard, he said, and Chris, the young vet student, volunteered to get in the back of the pick-up and lie down on top of it, to keep it from flying out of the truck. It was only several hours later, that his friends found out, that Chris, had flown out of the truck too, and had been killed.
The lady, Mrs. Copper Thompson, is a friend of Chris' mother, and when Chris died, Mrs. Thompson established this special fund, for special cases, to be helped by the Texas A&M Vet School.
It has to be a case where, the dog or cat (or any small animal) is well cared for. The animal has to have a home to go back to. And, it has to be a surgery or treatment, that will save the animals life...a diagnosis that, would be otherwise, life threatning.
Our little Bungee met all of those requirements, and the Copper/Chris fund, has graciously donated $300.00 towards his bill. I will be sending Mrs. Copper Thompson, a personal Thank You card, along with pictures of Baby Bungee, to let her know what her good work is accomplishing.:)
We didn't really have all of the money raised, when I left Tulsa. I was praying it would come through while I was gone. Care to guess the amount we were short? You guessed it....$300.00. Now I never told the vet school, the amount we were short. They just told me, the amount they could give, to help us.:)
If you would like to e-mail, Hank Reinhard, the man who made the decision to help Bungee with the Copper/Chris fund, his e-mail addy is... hreinhard@cvm.tamu.edu
Bungee will have the surgery, tomorro at between 9-11 A.M...updates to follow!
Update 7/20/00
Bungee came through surgery with flying colors, this morning! I gave the digital camera to the student, to take back there, right after surgery, while he was still in ICU, and coming out of the anethsesia. I don't think the flash went off, but here is our baby Bungee, right after the life saving surgery!

More updates to follow...:)

Update 7/21/2000
Today I visited Bungee, and he was bouncing up and down just like his name! Here is where they did the surgery...

There are just two stitches on his thigh. They will disolve, and he doesn't have to see a vet, again for this, for one full year. In one year, they want him to have an ultrasound again, just to make sure everything is holding.:) So far..each one they have done, has continued to hold, and work! Bungee is expected to live a full, normal life, with no other problems.:)

They have an Elizabethan Collar on him., becasue he keeps trying to eat his stitches...he is one happy boy!

Look at the tail wagging.

Bungee pretty much wrapped the staff around his little paw, while he was a patient at Texas A&M. Our precious vet student, Kimberly, holds little Bungee for a picture. He will be discharged tomorro morning, and we will drive back to Austin.

UPDATE 7/22/00
Bungee was discharged from the hospital today! We drove back to Austin, and checked into the hotel. Our plane leaves at 7:35 A.M in the morning.
Bungee shows no sign of having anything happen to him! He is a 100% normal baby Bichon.:) His new Mama, Sandy, has been worried sick about him, asking about him sveral times a day....I think...he is gonna have it made in the shade with Sandy.:)

Bungee plays with his hedgehog, in the hotel room. The Elizabethan collar, is to keep him from eating his two stitches.

That hedgehog must die.

Hedgehog killin' is hard work.

July 23 UPDATE
Bungee and I were upgraged to First Class again, on our way back to Tulsa.:)

Joy and Jack Flora, the couple who donated their United Airline milage to us, met us again at the airport, during our Denver layover. Jack visits with Bungee.Thank you so very much Jack and Joy!

We also had the priveledge of meeting Pam Knight,of Bichons Only! ,who lives near Denver. She brought us a HUGE gift sack with all sorts of Bichon merchandise! Thank you Pam!!
Bungee went back to his Tulsa foster home, with Angela and Wayne, last night. Thier two teen aged daughters were so happy to see him back! Then
one of them said something so touching to me...I told them that Bungee's new Mama, had asked if I would need a crow bar to pry Bungee away from his foster family, and she ansered, "If we kept this one...we wouldn't have room for the next one, and if we had kept the last one...we wouldn't have had room for baby Bungee"....(From the mouth of babes.:)
Thanks to ALL who assisted in this rescue effort. Bungee will have a long and happy life, thanks to so many of YOU! Thank you again!!!

August 2, 2000
Bungee Flies to His Forever Home in Sunny California!!
Update! 9/08/00
A Letter from Bungee's Mom


Bungee with his new Mom Sandy, at the Tulsa airport.

Bungee in the arms of his new Dad

Subj: Another "Forever" Mom with a Texas A & M Miracle
Date: 9/7/2000 11:20:56 PM Central Daylight Time
From: LitlSybil
To: ChewbeccaD
CC: Pup3
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Dear Rebecca,
I've just learned that you're adopting Rolex and thought I should write to you to offer whatever support I can through this trying time. I'm the person who was fortunate, blessed even, to adopt Bungee the little love that captured all our hearts when he came to Robin with such a terrible heart problem. So many sent good wishes, prayers and financial assistance to get him through. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on him that no matter what, I had to have him. He's here tumbling on the floor with Sparky (my darling 5 year old Bichon) and doesn't have a clue that he's half the size of Sparky, if that, and that the rest of the world does NOT have boundless energy. It just doesn't seem possible that this operation could possibly be so marvelous that not only does it give them life, but a normal life. By now Bungee would be very close to dying but instead he is so full of life with not a care in the world, no shortness of breath, no signs at all that a little over a month ago he was in awful shape and would die without the procedure. I just want you to know that I'm out here and stand ready to help you any way I can. The prognosis is excellent after this surgery and you should be able to enjoy his long life just as normally as if he'd never had a problem. They asked that he have an EKG for their records down at Texas A & M but he's not required to be followed by a heart specialist at all. I've found one in Los Angeles and he'll be going there for his cardiac checkup.
I truly believe that these little ones are here to make us better people. So many people gave so much to save his life that that simple gift of love will make many more miracles possible as we go out and try to pay back with good deeds. I love my little guy with all my heart and a day doesn't go by that I don't think about the people who cared. You're about to get that same gift and he'll be all the more precious to you because you'll know that his life came from a pure act of love by people for a gentle little soul. I'll be thinking of you, be brave and he'll be home with you in no time. I know you're a special person because Robin has chosen you. I'm very happy for you, you're getting such a precious gift. With love, Sandy