Pet Appreciation Day in Blakely Pennsylvania! August 12, 2000
This is the brochure..

On August 10, 2000, I flew into Allentown, Pa., courtesy of Suzanne! ( Thank you Suzanne!

I was greeted by Lisa Herbst, and her little girl, ( Lisa is "Lucky's Mom, Priscilla and Walt,( are parents to Miss Carlie, and Sir Nicholas, and my lovely hostess, Stacie! ( and Christopher are parents to Cookie and Toffee, my little Chihuahua nieces.:)

From left to right: Priscilla and Walt, Lisa, and Stacie. Lisa's cute daughter is in the front.
After my stately welcome, we headed up into the Poconos Mountains to Stacie's house. What beauty! She lives in a resort area, and I felt like I was on a real vacation! I took a short nap, and this is what I awoke to see, in Stacie's back yard....

Stacie is telling me which deer is which..:)

"Cupcake" is the buck with the Antlers. Stacie saved him from starvation, when he stumbled up to their door, as a baby. The orange things in the air are carrots, being thrown to the deer. As you can imagine, I was squeeling with delight!

At around 5:30 that evening, we met Phil, Vickie, Dusty and Princess,at beuatiful Lake Harmony for a picnic!

What loving people!! Vickie is holding Princess, and Phil is holding Dusty.:) Look at the difference from when Dusty looked like this, right after rescue....

I love seeing the progress these little Puppy Mill rescues make!!

Dusty and me, at Lake Harmony, Pa.:) It was a glorius day!!
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