5 Year Old Jean-Charles
The Los Banos Puppies
We got word of a lady who had five Bichons, and was moving to a gated community, in Southern California., and could only take 2 of her Bichons with her. We agreed to take three of them into rescue. Two were puppies..
Small Paws® Rescue: The Los Banos Puppies

And the third was this precious little guy, their father, Jean-Charles.

5 Year Old Jean-Charles 8/10/00

Jean-Charles had never once been to a vet, before he came into rescue. He was covered in fleas, but now is healthy and ready to go to his forever home. Here is what his foster Mom says about Jean-Charles.

Subj: Los Banos Rescue
Date: 8/14/2000 10:49:04 AM Central Daylight Time
From: FFiance@aol.com
To: Pup3@aol.com
Jean-Charles is a real jumper and he could could resemble a bungee cord
also -- when it is time to go for a walk he is leaping and barking and
soooooo excited - . Hope you all have an application on file where this
little guy might fit --
From your report, it almost sounds like Jean-Charles is among the
healthiest of the Los Banos dogs ---even tho he had never been to the vet he was
pretty healthy - just some waxy ears and a little skin irritation from
the fleas and scratching -- the groomer cleaned the ears, and he is
great right now - less tear stain now that he is on distilled water.
He is very active - always raring to go for a walk and moves right along.
He looks great after being groomed and he is now flea free and on
advantage. He is scheduled to be neutered on Aug 23, the earliest I
could schedule him after the 2 week period elapsed after his cortisone
shot to ease all his scratching and itching. He is also on antibiotics
for the slight skin irritation he had from the biting and scratching.
He is a very sweet dog and loves affection, follows me around is watches my every move. He is so excited when it is time to go out for a walk that you cannot hardly attach the lease he is jumping around so much - plus barking at the same time.

He was smelly, matted, flea-ridden and now there is a big difference. He
is a petite size dog, 13.2 pds with long legs - they clipped him short
to get rid of the mats but he will look better with a little more hair
on his body and legs - he has a long ,straight, plumy tail - they had to
cut a bit for some mats near the base. I have been keeping track of some of his little habits and characteristics for his new home. Have not seen that he is overly friendly towards people but is willing to be petted.
He has some stains around his eyes and lower mouth and I now have the
dogs on distilled water to see if that will help. He eats well, mainly
dry food but I am putting in some canned also as you can feel every rib
Even tho he is supposed to be house trained he does pee in the house - possibly an unneutered male thing --If I see him I scold him and he knows he has done wrong -- to counteract that we go out often to pee and 3-4 walks a day for the pee/poop situation .
First thing in the morning I carry him to my patio door and let him pee
at least once -- then he is okay until I get dressed and we go out.
I have enjoyed this experience and think I would do it again so I will
be watching your board for future opportunities.