Sophie Born 3/11/98

2 Year old "Sophie"
This is what her foster Mom, Cathy,says...

I measured her and she is about 15" long from back legs to her front legs/shoulder, she is about 10 1/2" tall (to shoulders), I would say she is 20 + pounds. She has very short legs, but a long and SOLID body.

She does not have the black/dark eyes, her nose is more on the brownish side. She DOES have a loving personality. The owner supplied a wire crate/pen for her. She said she is not completely house trained, she goes on paper. Well, I have been trying to take her out every two hours and letting her run (gated) in the kitchen. She has gone pee like 4 times outside and twice in the house. It appears last night while in her cage she pee'd and pooped in her cage, I not sure if the crate is to big for her or within the past 2 years she has had to relief herself in the crate, so now it's normal. She had a regular collar, but did not like to have a leash on and would pull. So I put a harness on her and she is doing better. As I stated she will just walk/run in circles if you are walking her, or when she is in the kitchen. Her joints seem a little stiff. She has this habit, of opening or moving her mouth, not as if to bite. She hasn't shown any mean or aggression side. She doesn't bark, makes this weird noise, but I think my Sassy is teaching her how to.....sorry. The noise is getting louder and more like a bark....but not a real bark. This is my first rescue and Sassy is having a hard time with it.
I really feel strongly, that the adoptive owner needs to spend a LOT of time with her. But, I do feel she does have potential. Like I said she is a loving dog and loves to give kisses. It's only really been one day, so I hope she gets use to having the run of a house and she will learn to go outside to go potty, and will start walking a straight line.
Well, I'm sure this is more information then you really wanted.