7 1/2 Year Old Spooky
ADOPTED By Kathy!!

Spooky is 7 year old, and is a sweetie! Here is what her foster Mom says about her!

I am fostering Spooky in Sacramento. Here are the particulars:

Name: Spooky
Age: 7 1/2 years
Sex: Spayed Female

Housebroken, totally. Not one mess in the entire week that I've had her. A real
"easy keeper". Very sweet. Overweight, but we are going on long walks every day
(which she enjoys). Had a cruciate knee injury at one time, but it does not slow
this girl down at all. History of a struvite stone, so she is on a prescription
diet. Had a very bad bladder infection when we got her, but she is OK now. Very
quiet and happy. Can't say enough about this dog. She appears good with children
and gets along well with big and small dogs. (The neighbor's rambunctious lab did
not even faze her).

Mary Krucik