11 Month Old "Bubba" 8/27/00
Adopted by Eileen!
Dale and I, spent the night in Mo. last night. We drove 5 hours up there, to collect this baby, from this lady....

Toni holds "Bubba
Meet Toni, a lady with a heart of gold, who rescues several small breeds in Mo.
Toni's vet recently called her, when a miller had brought Bubba in to go night night for the last time, if you get my drift. Why, you ask? Because Bubba wouldn't breed...therefore, he must be worthless, right?
WRONG!!:) An now, thnks to Toni, and the vet, he is going to Pocatella, Idaho, to be loved forever, by Eileen, her other bichon, and her Newfie!:)

Toni went and got this baby, who had lived in a cage all of his 11 months. She had him neutered and fully vetted, and when I tried to rememburse her, she said, "No..that's ok..this is my part, and I want to do it"..The Internet has introduced us, and the rest, as they say, is history!:)

Bubba stretches out on the grass, near the parking lot of a restaurant. Since we were in the Kansas City, area, I just had to meet, in person,my Internet, and telephone friend, Debi., AKA "Featherduster"! Also,my rescue partner, Susan, who lives about an hour away., came to meet us for breakfast. Here we all are...

Susan, myself, and Debi.
Bubba will soon be named "Teddy", and flies home to Idaho,on Tuesday. And they all lived happily ever after.:)

Teddy, after a bath amd clip!:)