Misty Rose

This is what Misty's Foster Mom has to say....

From: mekrucik@postoffice.pacbell.net
To: pup3@aol.com (Robin)

Name: Misty Rose
Sex: Soon-to-be-spayed female
Age: Born 4/99

Misty is a very sweet and loving little dog. She needs a patient owner
who will boost her confidence and be gentle with her. She is not
housebroken, but has made some real progress and can now be left alone
for about 4 hours in an enclosed area without any accidents. She is
very frightened by loud noises, but her confidence is increasing on
every walk she goes. She is learning that accepting treats from
strangers can be fun. She is often shy and hesitant when meeting new
people, and is "hand-shy", but is by no means a fear biter. She gets
"mouthy" when excited or at play, so we are working on that also. As
far as other dogs, Misty is uncertain as to what to do. Sometimes she
is quite friendly, other times she barks and growls. She LOVES to play
"fetch" with a "tennis-bone" or toy hamburger that she has, and is
learning to release the goody on the command "out". This command should
also help with her mouthing. She was beginning to chew on a small towel
when I would leave her in her crate. I removed that, and she has not
chewed anything else in the house. She loves companionship and will cry
if you are out of the room without her. However, she has not made any
noise when I have been gone to work, and when I pull up to my garage all
has been quiet. Because of the mouthing, I would not recommend that
Misty be placed in a home with children. She should do very well with a
patient, calm owner who is home a lot.