The Designer Bichons 9/2/00
(Please of these young puppies is extremely critical, and one is very critical.)

14 Week Old "Rolex"
Adopted by Rebecca!

Rolex can not take many steps, before collapsing.

Rolex is as sweet of a baby as I have seen. I will be honest with you guys...if he makes it down there alive, I will be publicly thanking and praising God, right out in the parking lot of Texas A&M Vet School. It is a 9-10 hour drive down there. I leave early Tuesday Morning. Rolex will see the Doctors on Wednesday Morning. (They only see the PDA's on Wednesday, and do surgery only on Thursdays) I will let them know on Thursday, if we have recieved enough pledges to do the surgery.
"Rolex" is a victim of Puppy Mill Greed, pure and simple. We hads to PURCHASE him, for $50.00, because the miller was actually going to sell him to a FAMILY for $50.00. They would have been heartbroken, very soon. You see, he has a grade 6 heart murmor, and he will die soon, if he doesn't have surgery. I am driving this baby to Texas A&M University School of Veterinary Medicine.
I am taking him on faith, because as of yet, we do not have the funds to pay for the surgery for two Bichons..and it is TWO Bichons, that we got into rescue on Friday...with this problem. Here is the other one,..with a grade 4 Heart Murmor...

Adopted by Karen!

7 Month Old "Chanel". Chanel's family bought her from a "Kennel" in Misourri. Of course,. they fell in love with her. As she grew, they noticed multiple problems. Chanel has luxatting patellas. (Knees that slip out of socket). This is VERY painful, and she can not jump on anything. This, although hereditary,(Yes, the Millers KNOW this) is not life threatning. A Grade 4 Heart Murmor, however, is life threating. I offered to try to raise the money for Chanel's surgery, and then return her to her family, but the lady, who could do nothing but cry, told me that her grandkids kept letting her out, and she feared that she would be hit by a car, and she asked me to find her a home. Somehow, we need a miracle, to be able to save these two Puppies.

Yours Truly, holding Chanel right after rescue.

"Gucci" is a 3 Year Old Puppy Mill rescue. He is friendly, and likes to be petted, but he is a tad bit shy. We do not know his history, so he needs to go to an adult home.

ADOPTED by Jill!!
One year old "Armani". While I was in Misourri, I checked with the Joplin Shelter. Look what had just become available?:)