UPDATE 9/09/00
We are on the way home!! Today, I talked to Dr. Miller, the Chief Cardiologist, and BOTH babies are totally FIXED! Chanel's leak has almost (99.99%) filled in all of the way, and she is going to be just fine! So, both Babies were able to leave the hospital today!! Now, I need help about Rolex...how do I turn him down a notch???!! He is on HIGH SPEED!! He has discovered he has another gear, and man is he using it!
This is our last night in a hotel...tomorro we will make it home to Tulsa. Here are the pics of the objects of your affection, in perfect health.:) Love,Robin

Chanel chases Rolex, who has HER squeaky toy, around the room....ZOOMERS!

"I'll GET you my Pretty,... and your little squeaky dog TOO!!"

"Give it to ME, give it to me NOW!"
(Chanel is on the left and Rolex is on the right)

"Ok...maybe we'll just share.."

"Auntie Robin says there are lots of people who love us, in this little black box....Thank you all for savin' us! We feel Grrrrreat!!!"