September 15, 2000

Now Known as "Georgie"
Last week, since Georgie's new parents, Sharon and Eric, work for an airline, they flew Dale and I up to their beautiful home near Vancouver, Washington! Here are the pictures of the first meeting of little Georgie and her new parents, Sharon and Eric!

Dale offers ice-water to both Rolex, (Now known as "Toby"), and Georgie, after taking off on one of those "Little Puddle Jumper Communters", from Tulsa, to Dallas. Here they are, peeking out of their bag, under the seat.

This is Donna,( our wonderful American Airlines employee, holding Georgie and Toby! She came out and met our plane, and we passed Toby off to her, in Dallas. The next day, she used her day off, and flew him all the way to his new Mom near Boston, Ma.! Thank you Donna!!

Donna, Toby, and Donna's little girl. When she first saw me, she said,"Are you da lady who helps da doggies?" She was adorable!

Toby at home with his Lhasa Apso brothers!

Toby at Home.

We arrived into Portland, at 11:00 P.M.,their time, 1:00 A.M. Okie time! HAHA!
My husband Dale is on the left, and Sharon is on the right. After we took off from Dallas, Georgie was snuck out of her sherpa bag, (would I do that???) and slept the whole way, on the seat between Dale and I, covered by one of those light weight airline blankies. She never moved a muscle, the whole way. (3 hours, 10 minutes). The only time we were almost caught with Georgie out of her sherpa, was when I asked the filght attendant for a blanket for myself. She looked at the crumpled blanket, (With Gergie sleeping away, underneath it) on the seat beside me, and with a very strange look said, "I'm sorry, but all of the blankets have been given out"...I know she was wondering why I didn't just use the one "laying there" beside me! HAHAHAH! LADY! This one is in use,TOO!!

Dale and I were taken home, that night, for a beautiful Bed and Breakfast experience, at Sharon and Eric's home, with an awesome view of the Columbia River. Our room was perfect...breakfast was gourmet (Stuffed French Toast, Bacon, fresh melon, frozen fruit drinks, gourmet coffee!), and the company was simply exquisite! Thank you Sharon and Eric!! You made us feel like royalty!

The view from their deck, of the Columbia River.

Georgie meets her new siblings, Sashi and Zoe, the Schnauzers. and Binky the Small Paws Rescue Bichon!

Binky looks on at Georgie while she meets Zoe, and thinks that Georgie may be just a little too cute....:)

The weirdest thing happened, while I was there. When I first delivered Binky to the Tulsa, Airport, where the Krasks had flown to get her, a few months ago, she just klung to me...she was really attached! But this time, Binky seemed afraid, that I was going to take her AWAY from the Krasks! She remembered that I was the lady who put her in the car, and took here away from the Arkansas Shelter...and she kept giving me this "look". I promised her she could stay here for ever and ever.:)

Binky, a few months ago, right after we rescued her at an Arkansas Kill Shelter.:( Remember, she was falsely accused of killing some puppies?

I think we get an A-Plus, in finding this baby a home!