October 9, 2000


I just got this letter from Sandy..(LitlSybil@aol.com) Bungee's Mo, and one of our busiest foster Moms and volunteers! Another happy ending! Or should I say..beginning!

Hi Robin,
It just delights me that I can send you this picture of Teddy on his adoption day. As you know I drove out to Victor Valley Animal Shelter (is there some sort of unwritten rule that my rescues all have to be hours and hours away?!!!) thanks to an emergency phone call from an angel of an Animal Shelter staff member, Kathy. She was just sure he was so much like Bailey (who's now with his adopted family in IN). That's all I needed to hear and I was on my way. Oh he reminded me so much of Bailey, dear loving and wonderful Bailey. We picked him up, my husband and I, and home we came. Into the bath he went and out came this fabulous less than 9 mo. old teddy bear of a dog who I named Teddy, naturally. The next morning he was at the vet's for a checkup and the vet was so impressed with him the next thing I knew I was asked if he could be adopted by a couple he knew. A flurry of phone calls, an on-line pre-adoption form fill in, an appointment to meet the couple, more phone calls, and after a major flurry of activity one dear darling marvelous Bailey wannabe was on his way to a most wonderful life with the wife driving the car and the husband in the back seat with the dog. Then a major reshuffle and the husband was at the wheel with the wife strapping herself with the dog into the passenger seat. I just loved that! I loved this picture cause Teddy started smiling from his cage at the shelter to the back seat of that car on Sunday. He was saved, he was loved, he's safe now. Thanks to Kathy out there in the desert who couldn't see this little guy go without trying to save him. God bless her, I don't think she knows she's an angel but she is. Now for the picture of Teddy. Love, Sandy