October 11, 2000

Della Street Wins the Lottery

October 11, 2000
Hi you guys,
Yesterday, I got a call from a gentleman here in Tulsa. Chimney Hills Veterinary Hospital, had given him my name and number, as Bichon rescue. He and his wife, had to put their yorkie down, due to old age, last month. They still have a mini schanuzer, who needs some canine companionship. They filled out an online application, and passed with flying colors.
Today, he and his wife, met me up at the McKinney Hilton. (Dr. McKinney's office.)
They wanted to come to see this baby.Della Street. A three year old Puppy Mill Rescue Bichon.
Small Paws® Rescue:The Case of Perry Mason
When I got there, they were just pulling up. He got out of the car, with a leash in hand. I knew it had to be them...they kept their appointment to see this baby.:)
They had their mini schnauzer with them. "Elvis" is a beautiful nine year old baby, who is being treated for Cushings disease. He was happy, and looked very healthy. He is doing very well on treatment. He is very loved, and it shows.
I was worried. Here was this beautiful couple..and this beautiful schnauzer. I was about to introduce them to...a Mill reject. A Puppy Mill Cull. She would have no social graces. She would have no tail wags, and puppy kisses for them. Her feet are deformed. She has no coat. Her teeth are sort of black..She may just hit the deck..and shake. It could happen. It HAS Happened. I tried to sort of.."warn" them..about what to expect. They did not run.
The staff brought her out..Della Street. Again..I tried to explain..why her feet are deformed..and why she crouches on the floor..and I explain, with time...she will come around..especially with the help of Elvis, himself.
They still haven't left. The lady, Michelle, asks if she can hold her. Della Street..is soaking this up. She makes puppy sounds..when you hold her close.(Della Street..not the lady..:)
Almost 45 minutes goes by. Then..the man..Jon..asks if he can hold her. They still have not run.
I explain about the mills..about the pet shop connection. These people know all of this, already. You see, I was preaching to the choir..They have done their homework..and they are still here. I show them Della Street's teeth, and explain that she is scheduled to be spayed tomorro morning. They will clean her teeth then.
It was then..that it happened. Jon..looked at Della Street and slowly and clearly said..."Her name is Mary Grace. (Chill bumps arose on my arms, and tears begin to well up in my eyes. I did not speak)..We will call her Gracie.".
Gracie won the lottery today. She now has a stay at home Mom, and her new Dad is a radiologist. I told him all about Widget!
Mr.Widget's Page and about Lily, Widget's sister, who was rescued from being a "breeder" dog. Widget's Sister, Miss Lily! and how their Mom, is also a Radiologist..and a volunteer for us.
Then..they made a donation that will pay Gracie's entire bill. They will pick her up on Friday.
Yes, Gracie..there is a Santa Claus..and an Elvis too. I know. I met him today. Love,Robin
Robin Pressnall
Small Paws® Rescue

Gracie and her Dad, on the second day of her new life.


Gracie and Elvis


Just a note to let you know that Gracie is getting along great--a 180 degree turnaround from 4 weeks ago. She and Elvis are buds (see attached picture) and she rarely lets him out of her sight. In fact, I can hear them barking downstairs right now (they're quite a duet!). She is nearly completely housetrained--no accidents in nearly a week. She is very protective of Michelle and makes her presence known when I come home from work. I wish we'd had the video camera ready when it snowed the other day. She was racing and bouncing around in it, occasionally rooting her snout and grabbing a big mouthful of snow. She has one of the cutest personalities of any dog we have ever known.

Anyway, just wanted to thank you again. Gracie continues to be a great blessing in our life.