Jack...A Bridge Over Troubled Waters...A Heart Healer

Sometimes, I have run into people, just in passing...who can't believe we do what we do..for just DOGS.:(
It is these people, I try to spend a little extra time with. I explain, that when a PERSON adopts a rescue dog..it touches their heart..in a way that they will never, ever be the same. Now I realize, that what I have failed to mention, is that, with some of these adoptions...the heart of we, the rescuers, is forever changed too.
I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, with no hesitation, we are doing what God wants us to be doing. Let me tell you the story of Jack...and of his new home.
Last summer, a couple, both college professors, was traveling with their two Bichons..in a vehicle..with Firestone tires. A tradgic accident happened, and the Bichons were both killed. The husband, was hospitalized for a long time, and has just now gotten to come home....but to a house, without the Bichons. We recieved their application, to adopt a rescue Bichon. We found a baby for them.. This is what they write to me, and to Jack's foster mom, Jane (fuzzy1mom@aol.com)

Subj: Jack has stolen our hearts
Date: 10/4/2000 1:32:26 AM Central Daylight Time
From: moet@cybertrails.com (Susan )
To: FUZZY1MOM@aol.com, Pup3@aol.com
Dear Robin and Jane,
We wanted to write and tell you how happy we are that Jack has come into
our lives. As you may remember, we lost two of our beloved pets in a
terrible car accident about 3 months ago. Our house seemed so lonely and
empty until Jack arrived on Saturday. We absolutely love him and we
think he took to us the same way. He is everything we expected and more.
True to his breed, he is a happy-go-lucky and very intelligent
cottonball of love.

From the moment he arrived, it seemed as if he had always been part of
our family. He likes to sit between Steve and Susan on the sofa, first
putting his head on Steve’s lap, then Susan's, as if realizing that we
hope he will love us equally. When we go to bed, he cuddles up between
us and sleeps as long as we do, never budging. He must be pooped from
the excitement of coming to his forever home. Of course, when we play,
we REALLY play. Sometimes Jack just flops over after chasing the ball
for too long. (Still a baby at heart.)

Jane, you did a wonderful job of socializing Jack. In fact, we believe
that he thinks he is a “people!” You're right, he cocks his head and
tilts it from side to side as if contemplating what people are saying.
Susan took him to Petsmart and Home Depot where he rode in the cart,
like a little kid, and licked every hand that reached out to pet him.
And is he smart! He already knows “sit,” “outside,” “go bye-bye,” and
“come.” He also knows instinctively to stay away from our pool but we
still keep a close eye on him. He loves to fetch and to steal food off
our plates. (Did you know that he likes green beans and ripe pears?)
When Robin wrote us to be sure we understood that Jack had a lot of
energy, we expected a naughty little spitfire like our cockapoo, but
Jack is really mellow. He even knows the difference between what he can
chew—his toys—and what he can’t chew—our shoes and books. He’s also
great on a leash. We usually take him for a walk around the neighborhood
before sunset. He loves to prance by our sides and eagerly greets other
pets and passers-by. In fact, our whole neighborhood has turned out to
welcome him. Bichons must be a rarity around here. Jack loves the
attention and always has that happy grin on his face. He's irresistible.

Robin, you were very insightful to realize that such a little pup could
fill such a big hole in our hearts. Thank you again for honoring us with
Jack. We assure you that he will be the happiest and most-loved pet in
the world.

Our best regards,
Susan and Steve

P.S. Pictures will follow soon.


We just heard from Susan this morning. She and Steve also wants to adopt one of the castaways,Small Paws® Rescue: Gilligan & The Castaways! "Lovey"!

This is "Lovey"...Their home will soon be filled with love and puppers again!
Subj: Yes, we want to adopt Lovey
Date: 10/12/2000 1:56:15 AM Central Daylight Time
From: moet@cybertrails.com (Susan )
To: Pup3@aol.com

Hi Robin,

Yes, we would love to adopt Lovey! Steve says she looks like a little munchkin
that we can't resist. Jack wants a baby sister, too! Let us know what
arrangements need to be made. It's starting to become cooler in Arizona (75
degrees) so we don't think the weather will be a concern when Lovey flies. Oh
what joy this will be. We feel like little kids on Christmas Eve.

And yes, please share our story with others. Sorry we haven't gotten the photos
of Jack or our lost babies to you yet. Our scanner is not working properly and we
haven't had time to fuss with it. Hopefully we can e-mail photos of Jack and
Lovey together!

Tell Lovey that she will have a wonderful forever home and a wonderful brother to
play with.

Susan and Steve