October 15, 2000

You all remember when I told you about Ginger, our honorary Bichon, (who was actually of the feline persuasion.) Her Mom, Mickey, is a regular on the AOL Bichon Board. Mickey had been posting for a long time...before she "confessed"... that Ginger wasn't really a Bichon, in fact,. Gner wasn't even a DOG.:) None of us cared..we all loved Ginger for her Bichonly heart.:)

Sadly, Ginger was very old, and passed away, not long ago. Her Mom was of course grieving....and after a short time, I asked her if she would like to adopt a Small Paws® Baby. This is the letter I got back....

Subj: Re: Greetings from Tulsa Oklahoma.:)
Date: 10/7/2000 3:31:08 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Mistytyme@aol.com
To: Pup3@aol.com
Hi Robin,
Just a few short weeks before Ginger went to Rainbow Bridge, Jane sent me an E-mail, saying that she had visited with Jackie that day and Jackie had a sweet little girl named Katie. I believe Katie is 6 years old. They thought that Katie would be perfect for Bud and me. At the time I was tempeted, but said no because I did not want to upset Ginger. Well,I sent a message to Jane last night and asked how Jackie was doing because of hearing about her rescue burnout. Jane sent me a return message and told me that Jackie was just temporarily at a loss as to how to handle so many rescues, and that she was doing just fine now. Jane then mentioned that Jackie still had Katie and that possibly it was too early for us to be thinking about making a forever home for a little furbaby, but that maybe we would like to see Katie. Jane knows that I would fall immediately in love with Katie, she wasn't fooling me . lol I told her that we were not going to start looking for a rescue until the first of the year and that we have to make sure the backyard is completely safe for Katie. Then I started thinking "I wonder just how fast they could do the fence work needed so that we could put in our application for Katie".
I am weakening fast. I was thinking that having a dog like Katie would help us to heal from the loss of Ginger. I told Jane I would send her an E-mail tomorrow. We live only about 30 minutes from Jane. It is possible if Jackie can just hold onto Katie long enough for us to get the little bit of fence that is needed to make the yard safe, we just might be able to put in our application for a rescue. , and hopefully become Katie's forever home.

Love and prayers,
from possibly a new Bichon mom, Mickey

Well, I was ecstatic that Mickey was thinking about getting another Bichon:) (After Ginger, I mean) Yesterday, Mickey adopted Katie, as her own. Katie was a Puppy Mill Rescue, who was pregnant when we got her. We flew her out to Jackie's in California, where she delivered healthy babies. They were all adopted, and now...months later, Katie, herself, has a wonderful home. Am I thrilled?!....That would be an understatement.:) Thank you Mickey...and thank you Jackie. Love Blooms at Small Paws® Rescue, today. Here is the proof! Meet Katie, and her Mom, Mickey.

Subj: Sweet Katie
Date: 10/16/2000 2:38:03 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Mistytyme
To: Pup3
Dear Robin,
We are in love with Katie. Jackie and Jane were not kidding when they said that Katie was such a sweetheart, and an adorable little girl too.
We are thrilled to have been allowed to adopt Katie. Thank you and everyone else involved in helping to add this sweet bundle of joy to our family. Love, Katie and her new dad and mom, Bud and Mickey : )