October 23, 2000

5 Month Old Baby Buster is in Trouble...

Baby Buster, In Memorium
Sadly, Buster began crashing, (bleeding out) and had to be euthanized. Buster was purchased from a backyard breeder...and he had a hereditary disease, hepatitus type A. The females are the carriers, and the males the disease. He would have needed to be given a blood tranfusion, every three days, to continue his life, here on earth. He was precious, and has touched the hearts of everyone who knew him.
Small Paws® Rescue Inc.,would like to gratefully acknowledge both the efforts of IMOM (In Memory of Magic) , a group that helped with Buster's vet bills, and of the staff and veterinarians, of The Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine, for their fervant fight, to try to save this precious, baby boy.

I think he wants to get well. He looks like a Bichon with a mission. At the bottom if this..I am going to share with you..what I believe...that mission is...

"Buster was turned in because his family couldn't afford anymore medical treatment, they were devastated at having to give him up. He came from a family with boys. That was one of the hardest coversations I've ever had, listening to this poor mom cry over their not being able to keep their baby.

When he was neutered he had a blood transfusion. At this point they suspect a liver shunt, which by the time we are done completely medically it will be about $1500-$2000 for everything. He will have x-rays next week a little over $100, then ultrasound $150, then surgery is $800-1000. So far we have about $250 in medical bills. If it is not a liver shunt, they suspect liver disease.

Buster is wonderful, he is loving, loves the kids, loves the other dogs, sleeps in a crate at night, and is housebroken.


Buster needs our help. We need to have at least $1000 raised, before they can even talk about the surgery. Can you help us, to save Buster?
Ok..back to his mission....Buster came from a loving family..with 3 little boys. Their only problem, was, that they could not afford to fix his health problems. So, they did the right thing.,.and turned him over to Small Paws®..crying all of the way..but knowing..that we..could give him a chance at life..that they couldn't give...So....I said to myself, "Self...ok..so we raise the money, and get him all fixed for life..then what..we place him with strangers?" I asked Carol..to do some research about this family...here is what she says..

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Date: 10/22/2000 7:21:39 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Theodo155
To: Pup3

Hi Robin,

I just spoke with Nikki who is the vet tech who has helped with Buster, got him into rescue, fostered him, etc. She said that Buster's family was a excellent home, they did everything for him, including brushing his teeth. She said they really just thought they had a healthy dog and couldn't afford any more major things for him. They really researched the breed before they bought and did all the right things. It just isn't fair that that happens to people.. They did have 3 little boys, ages 10 and up that were very attached to Buster and had a very hard time giving him up.

Ok you guys...here is what I want to do..and I know it sounds sort of unconventional..but honestly..this is what I hear that little voice..telling me to do. I want to see if we can raise the money for Buster..I want to have the surgery. And then...I want to return this baby..to his family..along with our love. Love to last his whole life through..are you with me on this one? Maybe this will explain the music playing on his page..("It seems we've walked and talked like this before..and danced before..and laughed before...but who knows where or when...")

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Buster has recieved a MIRACLE gift, from
IMOM (In Memory of Magic)
in the amount of $500.00. It will go directly to Purdue University, to help to pay Buster's bill. Thank you, IMOM!!

I got this from the vet student in charge of Buster's case at Purdue!

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Date: 11/8/2000 10:01:01 PM Central Standard Time
To: Pup3

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Here are a few pictures from Buster's photo-shoot today. I hope one or more of these will work for you. Buster is doing very well. He is certainly feeling better - he has a voracious appetite and is back to acting like a puppy! He has been very playful and has lots of energy. We gave him a stuffed toy to play with and he seems to really enjoy it. We are continuing to monitor Buster closely. Results of tick titers and coagulation factors are still pending, but we will let you know as soon as we hear anything. Please let us know if you have any problems or questions!
Take Care,
Meghan - senior vet student