October 26, 2000

Packers was abandoned at a kennel and had 8 hours to live. Here is what his foster mom, Kathy, at no1critter@aol.com says..
Packers is 6 years old... Very healthy and Active... and Very Very cute.. He weighs 16.9 pounds as of yesterday weighed at the vet... He has wooly hair and looks like a little lamb!... He is sitting on my lap at this time...!!! Packers is a lover and loves to jump up on your lap!! Great for someone who needs a little friend..

Kathy McCurrie

My name is Kathy..
I live in Sawyer Michigan and work in a dog kennel. My job is to clean the runs, feed, and let the dogs out side...exc. One dog would often come in to the kennel... a Bichon named Packers.
I always thought Packers was sooo sweet and cute... a very happy dog.. Packers was one of my Fav. dogs to let out in the dog run.
Yesterday... I was petting packers when I asked the kennel owner why he was always here.. Packers had been in the kennel for the past week..and off and on
several times before. She said.. today is Packers last day here... at 8:00 in the morning his owners were to come to get him...but Packers would never go back home... He was to be taken to the vet to be put to sleep.
> I found out this was because Packers has a problem where his penis hangs out a little all the time. The vet had told them this is because Packers had a
> problem called ? I forget... but that he needed to have surgery and have it removed. His "Rich" owners decided they spent enough money on Packers and it was time to let him go..
I did not let them kill Packers that day..... I took him home with me.....
Packers is a very good dog... happy, playful, just been groomed, has all shots, has neen fixed.. I can't keep Packers and I need to find him a home... I don't think that should be to hard.. but I need to help his new
owners by comming up with the money for Packers surgery.. The vet said it could run from 300.00-500.00 dollars... How ever... I'm not convinced that this must be done. I talked to my vet today... who has not seen Packers
and he thinks maybe the hole just needs to be bigger and he could do somet hing more simple...of course he said he may change his mind after seeing Packers..
I'm going to choose a vet where I would like this to be done and start looking for a good indoor home for Packers... I need donations to help
> him... Taking Packers in can only be for a short time... for I can hardly afford the dogs I have now!!!!!!!!!! and am still paying vet bills for my rescue great Dane TY

Subj: Re: PACKER the BICHON!!!
Date: 10/25/2000 4:33:14 PM Central Daylight Time
From: No1Critter
To: Pup3
Hello... I took Packers to the vet today..
Dr. Johnson is a very good vet...very experienced in Small and large animals.
After looking at Packers he can't understand why the owners and the vet would go along with putting him down. He said even if it was left the way it was...the dog does not seem to be in any pain at this point...!!
Dr. Johnson believes that he can do a simple surgery and remove some tissue...and try other things while he had Packers asleep and apart... and he thinks he could fix the problem so the penis can move in and out freely... This would be an experement...but..he really thinks he can do something to make it work.

On Nov. 1st Packers has a vet appointment to have this done... (IF I can get the money to give them!!!)
He thinks it will run a bit over 100.00 but could be a little more depending on how long it took and what he had to do.. But...thats better then the 300-500.00 idea the other vet had!! If it works!!

Berrien Veterinary services
9719 Hills Road
P.O. box 28
Baroda, Michigan 49101
If you can assist in anyway in helping come up with the money for Packers vet care... the vet will take checks and credit cards.