1 Year Old "Dallas"
Adopted along with his brother Silky!!!

Dallas is wonderful with everyone! Kids! Men! Other dogs!!

Dallas, before grooming.

Dallas needs a bath....

Dallas is just a GREAT dog!!!

"Dallas" after grooming.

We were notified of a "Possible Bichon", in a Dallas Shelter. This is a kill shelter, and the waiting time is only 72 hours. One of our volunteers, Terri (Tamclain@aol.com), coordinated this rescue with another of our volunteers, Bayn, ( bayn1@airmail.net@aol.com), in Dallas, Texas.
We were then told, by the shelter, that the dog was 13 years old.., totaly blind in one eye, and mostly blind in the other.
I had a "gut" feeling about this one. If I couldn't find a volunteer free, I was ready to drive there myself. Thankfully, Bayne was able to go to the shelter. What we got, was a young baby..under one year old, according to the vet. It may not be pure Bichon, but it is definetly mostly Bichon! He wags his whole little butt..and "talks" if you talk to him! He is being neutered by Terri's vet, (and my dear friend) Dr. Rex Johnson. He is available for adoption.