November7, 2000

11 year old Scooter
She is in kidney failure, and needs a home, to live the rest of her days out in...
This is what her foster mom, Patricia says...

Hi Robin,
I called after seeing an ad in the Danbury News Times for an older
bichon free to good home. At that time the daughter told me that she
wanted to screen her own home,but took my number just in case. She
called about 1-1/2 months later. Woman had a number of people call her,
but some were inapproriate. She did place Scooter with a family who took
her for one week, but gave her back saying that there was too much going
in in her life to take a dog. Daughter thought she would try to keep,
but having difficulty working full time evenings, with 4 yo and an
infant. I guess husband worked days and took care of dog at other times.
He "didn't like the dog" and sometimes " forgot to let it out or feed
her in the morning". Daughter took scooter to vet because she was
chewing on her warts and had warts removed and teeth cleaned in August.
Husband finally said "get rid of the dog" Per daughter, he " was nice to
her (Scooter) after the surgery, but as she got better he wasn't nice
anymore." So she called me, asking me to take her and I e-mailed Carol
that I would be taking her. She was reported to be in GOOD health. She
was just older. What was true was that she is a very good dog with a
very gentle temperament. Very easy to care for.
Hope this helps.