November 14, 2000

9 Week old "Marcie", has a heart murmor...her whole chest vibrates... She was a "broker reject" from the mills of Mo. She weighs 4 pounds..barely big enough for the miracle surgery! In case you don't know about the miracle surgery, click here!
Small Paws® Rescue:Bungee Goes to Texas A&M Vet School
They make a tiny incision, and go in through the femoral artery, and under anethesia, and watching through a tiny video camera, they send a tiny coil up there...sending a blood clot to the heart, thus filling in the hole! (the murmor) It is permanent and will give Marcie a normal life, and a normal lifespan! Without it, she may not make it to 6 months old....
Tomorro, we arrive at Texas A&M for the initial consult. If everything goes well, she will have the surgery on Thursday, and we will start for home, on Saturday.

Marcie has "Room Service" for dinner....I REFUSE to look into her eyes..nope...not me..I ain't gonna do how... "DON'T LOOK AT ME, I AM NOT GOING TO LOOK AT YOU!"...(too late...I looked..I am a goner)

(Marcie is being treated by the Texas A&M Veterinary School in College Station,Texas. 979-845-2351 )
Oh Man...I didn't think Marcie was that bad..she seemed normal to me..I almost felt guilty..taking her for surgery now, before she seemed really sick from this murmor.....then this morning, at the motel, she started coughing..I thought "Kennel cough"?
THANK GOD we got her here now..she is in congestive heart failure..., and her lungs were filling with fluid..she was starting to drown in her own fluid...and also had to be supported with oxygen, today. Here she being examined with senior vet student Karen Smirmaul.

I could tell by the look
on Karens face..something was not right...

Here is our baby Marcie, with Dr. Sonjia Gordon D.V.M.DVSc., the Cardiologist..who along with Dr. Miller, saved our baby Bungee, and our other two babies...When she told me on the phone,that Marcie was indeed in congestive heart failure, and had been started on lasix..I couldn't believe it...and then when she said that they had been supporting Marcie with oxygen all afternoon,...I screamed "OXYGEN!!!???WHAT??!"
It seems that Marcie had started going downhill, just as of this morning... And to think...I had actually thought about waiting until after Thanksgiving to bring her here...(to let our bank account recover a bit)...oh man..I am so glad I brought her...this was one of those "God" things, I think.
Today, after an echocardiogram, it was determined that Marcie does have a PDA (The kind of heart murmor they can fix), and she is scheduled to be first..tomorrow around 8:00 A.M. I will be waiting in the waiting room, for them to come and tell me it is over, and everything is ok. Dr. Gordon, reminded me that Marcie's viens, may be too small, for the video cathater...(She is barely at the minimum weight of 4 pounds) if her veins are too small..she will have to go into regular surgery on Friday..the crack-the-chest-open kind of surgery.:(
Please pray..Marcie really needs to get this non invasive kind of precedure. More tommorow night.

Thanks to all of you guys, and the staff at Texas A&M Vet School, Marcie's surgery is over and she is doing just FINE! LOOK at the pictures!

Marcie's surgery...on the monitor. See the little wire with the coil? Marcie was a "one coiler" only took one coil, to form a clot, large enough to fix the hole!

Here she is, under the anethesia...see those little puppies on the sheets?:)

Here she is wakin up...I think those people enjoy their JOBS!:)

They record her vitals, after surgery..

Tomorro, we do another echo cardiogram, to see how things look...More tomorrow!

UPDATE 11/17/00
Marcie was discharged from the hospital, today! SHe is perfectly healthy now! Here she is saying goodbye to the doctors...

The soft Elizabethan collar, is to prevent her from licking her stitch. That's her bear, beside her.

These are her discharge papers. At first, they though that she had a secondary problem..called pulmonic stenosis...but just disappeared!:) See where she was in heart failure, and needed oxygen., when she first got there? WHEW!

Marcie is high hope she lets me get some sleep tonight..she is WOUND UP..she feels SOOOO good!

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