November 15, 2000

3 year old Mac, a Dallas Shelter baby

He is housetrained!!!
Here is what Bayn, his foster Dad says about him...

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Hi Robin,

Here's the newest one down here. I named him Mac. Since Terri McLain
got me involved in all of this, I figured it was only fitting.

Mac is a wonderful dog. He gets in the car and climbs right in the
backseat and lays down. He looks great now that he's groomed. He is
HOUSETRAINED. The first thing he did when he walked into my house was
meet the other guys. We went outside right away, and he went potty.
Yes, I said outside!!!! He is having a ball playing with the other guys
as you can see by the pictures.

One downfall...He had fleas when he was at the vet. I figure they took
care of that problem when they groomed him. But, he's still itching
like crazy. I haven't found any fleas, but I bet he has a flea allergy
that may take a little while to get rid of.