November 16, 2000

7 Year Old Parker
This is what his foster Mom, Kay, ( says about his delightful baby..(he is housetrained too!)

Parker is a sweet little boy, about 14 pounds. He is blind, but gets around in a new place just fine. He is pretty independent and found the water in the kitchen by trial and error when I first brought him home. He is housebroken! He followed my other dogs out a few times, then he went to that same door on his own to go out. He keeps his tail tightly curled because at some time it appears to have been broken, but it wags just fine. He does well with the other male Bichon I have here, but not to well with my Bouvier. I suspect that's because he has not been neutered (but will be tomorrow). He is 7 years old and loves to go for walks on his leash. Just shake the clip on his leash and he comes in a hurry. He will stand up on his back legs and paddle with his front feet to say "let's go, let's go!" He would do well with children old enough to remember that he is blind. He smiles all the time and I don't think there is a sad bone in his body!