November 21, 2000

11 Week old "Stetson"..he weighs 2.9 pounds and has a BAD heart murmor..this is not good.

He is fresh from the mill...and filthy.

He is wrapped in a towel because he is cold..he does not move...

Update 11/23/00

Dale drove baby Stetson and me, down to Texas A&M today...It is a 10 hour drive, and we left early, before dawn.
.Poor Baby Stetson
is very sick. He does not move or make a sound. They are going to try to stablize him, before doing surgery. He is in congestive heart falure and is in ICU tonight, on lasix. He is too little, to have the coil procedure...and he will need the "crack the chest open" surgery. The bill will be almost $2000.00 to save him, but once we do, he will be normal for life..he is such a baby boy...little Baby Stetson...

Stetson just lays there...he just does not move or walk.

He is in good hands..the hands of Dr Arsenault...She is very kind and loving to him.

UPDATE November 24, 2000

This is baby Stetson, yesterday morning. The red you see, is hospital bandage, holding his little cathater in. They say he is doing well, and is improving with intrvenious lasix.