November 27, 2000

7 Year Old "Kelly" isn't quite sure what is going on..he was an Owner Turn In, from Missouri. After I sang to him, he began to smile...Maybe he was smiling..because I stopped signing???

Him is a BIG boy..weighing in at 34 pounds!

He is being boarded up at McKinney Animal Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Kelly was turned into rescue..for nipping at the ankles of strangers, who would come to visit. The former owners had him only 7 months. In my experience with him, he just needs a REALLY ALPHA owner...he NEEDS to know that HE IS NOT THE BOSS. We got that straight after about two minutes together...just by talking. After our talk....he was fine with me, and as far as I know, has shown no signs of aggression. Kelly would do well in a one person home. He does like other doggies and..he is housetrained!(not a misprint)