9 Month Old Bailey
Adopted by Carol & Pete!
Bailey was saved from being hours from death at a California Kill shelter. Here is what his foster Mom writes. You have to wait to the end, to see the pictures..I am bein' an old meanie tonight!:)

Dear Carol and Robin,
Here's what I've been waiting all day to tell you about!

7 AM, gassed up the car and started the drive out to the desert. Shelter opened at 9 AM and I was there at 9:20. Over to the pen to see C6 poodle/mix who was now at the end of the line, had run out of time, he was gonna be a goner. No one had ever asked about him and they'd had him as long as they were going to keep him. No question about why no one wanted him. His fur was a mass of stringy long snarls and clumps, orange/gold at the ends, hair over his eyes. You'll see from the pictures. Well, one look and you just knew there was something wonderful attached to that tongue that immediately started licking my fingers, and that tail went right over his back, wagging like mad even if it was a stringy mess. I said "I'll take him," can I please give him a bath because I've got to bring him into a home with other little ones and once he's been neutered I won't be able to bathe him." "Sure you can they say" so I run to my car, get my shampoos, conditioner, towels, scissors, brushes, everything I could think to bring as well as the bag of little treats, and meet them in front of the building on a patch of grass, they bring me a water hose and we start. Well, let's just say that the both of us took a miserably cold shower on the lawn with him in my arms crying his head off and both of us covered from top to bottom in shampoo. I drenched him in conditioner hoping that it would help, rinsed, toweled him as best as possible and then the workers were nice enough to let us go into their spay/neuter room which wasn't being used then, so we could have a plug for the hair dryer. We toweled, we brushed, he'd crawl into my lap, fell asleep during part of the drying and brushing, we clipped, we despaired, we bribed with treats and eventually we gave up... I put Frontline between his shoulder blades with the hope that any fleas would be dead by the time I pick him up tomorrow after neutering. But oh the oohing and ahhhing of the workers. There's no question that he's going to have to have some very serious trimming on his hide quarters and behind his ears and on his belly but We have got an absolutely darling, sweet, loving, friendly marvelous little Bichon on our hands and I'm beside myself with joy that we're going to be springing this him as soon as I can get out there tomorrow. I'm pitiful with scissors but check out his beautiful legs, they're gorgeous (the front ones that aren't going to need serious matt removal). When his fur grows back in he's going to be terrific. I would never have believed this little guy survived out in the desert. I've named him Bailey cause that's what he looks like to me. I can hardly wait to get him, all 15 lbs. of him. I found a little irritation on the lid of his eye and in one of his ears but I'm sure it's not anything serious. I'm sure I won't get back in time to get him to the vet's but will take him Thursday morning. The workers were so pleased with the way he turned out they said they were going to put him apart from the other dogs so he could stay nice until his pick up tomorrow. I hope you're as pleased as I am at the outcome so far. Now I'll attach the pictures and you can ohhhh and ahhhh too. Love, Sandy.

Bailey on Death Row

Bailey still wet....

Can you believe it???They would have euthinized this precious baby...Thank GOD forSandy and all of you!