November 27, 2000

3 Year Old Buster

Midi playing is "Can I have this Dance"
"Could I have this dance for therest of my life
Would you be my partner every night
When we’re together itfeels so right
Could I have this dance for the rest of mylife"

This is what Buster's Foster Mom. Lynda at, says..

Buster is athree year old male Bichon.. He is the cutest thing I have ever seen...His eyesare so expressive...He weighs about 15-16 pounds...He is current on allvaccinations... He was groomed for us when his previous owners brought him tous... He gets along great with my two Bichons and my kids.It was said that hehad some housetraining problems but since he has been with me he has not gone inthe house... He asks to go outside and loves to go for a walk..He appears tohave a flea allergy and needs someone that is Bichon savvy to care for him.Buster is a lovely Bichon just waiting for a loving new home with someone whohas lots of love to give. Whomever adopts him will have a friend forlife...Busters foster mom.