November 29, 2000

Little 1 year old "Nick" was saved in the nick of time, from a Denton Texas Shelter..this is what he looks like after being shaved...He is a Bichon Mix..maybe with Maltese?

He is very thin...

Here he is with his foster brothers..Nick is the one who is buck necked..
This is what his foster Dad, Bayn Carlson said about him..

Subj: Nick
Date: 11/27/2000 11:19:53 AM Central Standard Time
From: (Bayn Carlson)
To: ('')

Got the dog and he's at the vet. I'm sending some pictures along too. He's
a mess, and would not have been adopted at the shelter. I need you to do
some checking. He had tags. I'm sure the people at the shelter did not try
to find his owners. They made the Oak Cliff shelter, where we got Dallas,
seem like the Hilton. When I got there, I could smell something weird.
When I went in, Cruella DeVille was working the counter. She needed all of
the paperwork, your phone and address, my phone and address, two forms of
ID, and the phone number to the vet. It doesn't seem like they want to get
rid of the dogs too much. I had to go back out to the car to get my day
planner. I then realized what the smell was. It was Auschwitz. They were
burning animals.

Cruella sent me in to the cage area to make sure he was the dog I wanted. I
also found, are you ready for this, a weenie dog. I asked to take him too,
but he had a hold on him by the weenie dog rescue people.

After I filled out his paper work, I had to go back in there to get him.
They were cleaning out the cages. Dogs were being sprayed with hoses and
sh*t literally was flying everywhere. I waited for someone to finally come
out of the other room. The man who came out of the cat room was carrying a
large full trash bag. Robin, there were cats in that bag. He took them
into the furnace room. When he came back out, he helped me get Nick. I
named him Nick because I think we got him just in the Nick of time. If
these people who contacted us, hadn't been there, he would have been in the
furnace today. I'll start going to that place when I do runs. It's not too
far off the path to Ardmore, and if we can save one each trip, we're doing
better than we were.

OK, I need you to do some calling for me. Nick had a tag on. Here's the

xxxx Animal Hospital
Hwy 156 Justin TX
Justin is a large ranching area outside of Denton. Nick may have wandered
off and his owners may be looking for him.

I told the vet to go ahead and give him his full series of shots, and groom
him. Not sure if he's neutered or not. I didn't want to touch him, he was
so dirty.