December3, 2000

Meet Harrison! (Previously named by the shelter "Skipper"..but he doesn't really answer to, he and I are in Harrison, Arkansas I have now deemed him "Harrison".:) Isn't he CUTE???!
Harrison is between one and two years old. (He has nice bright teeth...he looks very young!..) He was heartworm positive, in an eastern Arkansas, shelter. Small Paws® paid for his heartworm treatment, and also paid the shelter to have him neutered. I would say he weighs, oh about 16 pounds. He is a perfect gentlemen! We have been in the motel room, for about an hour, and so far..NADA. No marking, no nothing.:)) He is very barking..very nicely behaved!:)

He was found as a stray, and another dog had attacked him. This is what he looked like then...and..he was said to have been a "Bichon Mix"..thank God we take mixes..or we would have never even been contacted..He is as much of a pure I am an pure Oklahoman!:) He has a full luxurious coat..and deep dark halos around his eyes..AND...he prances like a show dog!

Awww..poor baby.he had sad eyes back then...Him is much happier now!:) Him is with a Bichon Mom tonight!(that's the first thing I tell them all..that it's ok now..they are with a Bichon Mom..who KNOWS how special they are!:)