January 17, 2001

Meet Thor (Thor The 8th, to be exact...we name all of the Lhasa Apsos we get into rescue, "Thor"..I don't know why.:)
I drove to Edmond, Oklahoma today, to get this little guy. He was to have been gassed this morning, at the shelter, at 9:00 A.M...You see, his time was up. He was brought in as a stray.
Dr. McKinney guesses he is about 6 years old. He is Heartworm Negative. He will be neutered and have a teeth cleaning, and then he is ready to go to his forever home, with one of you!! He is one happy little guy. Since we don't know his background, we would like to place him in an adult home. He does have a bit of speration anxiety..and likes to be able to see "a people".:) Thor weighs 12 pounds.

Thor smiles and poses for the camera. He has personality plus!