January 23, 2001

The Broker Reject Babies
When puppies are born in the puppy mills, they are first sold to the brokers, (the middle men) and then on to the pet shops.
The Brokers, have a veterinarian, that gives the puppies a sort of "once over."
Puppies with severe deformities, and or illnesses, are rejected by the brokers, and sent back to the breeders. Sometimes, the breeders keep these puppies, to use as "Breeding Stock", even if these puppies have things wrong that are hereditary, and would be passed on to future litters.
Sometimes, the miller will sell the puppies to new, inexperienced millers to use as breeding stock.
Sometimes, they will sell these babies to an unsuspecting family. We know, because these unsuspecting families, end up callingus, when they can't afford to have the problems fixed.
More and more, we are able to convince the millers, to let us take these broker reject babies, and place them in wonderful homes.
I drove to Mo., yesterday to pick up four Broker Reject Puppies.
Here are their stories.

Baby Cassie died on January 29, 2001. She was one pound shy of the 4 pounds needed for surgery. We mourn the loss of baby Cassie.

Baby Cassie was born 11/20/00 and weighs 2.2 pounds. She has a severe heart murmor...a "PDA". She needs surgery, or she will die. She is too small for the "coil" technique, at Texas A&M. We are trying to raise funds for her, to have the "tie off" sugery, to be done at Oklahoma State University....she is strong now, and not in congestve heart failure. Please pray for Baby Cassie. I am so worried for her.

"Melody" has her temperature taken by Dr. McKinney. Melody weighs 4.5 pounds and was born on 10/18/00
Melody has kennel cough, and luxatting patellas.(Loose knees)
Melody will need to be adopted by someone who can afford to have her knees fixed, when she is about 8 mos. old. Melody will be in isolation for 10 days, along with the other puppies, till they are cured of their kennel cough.

Baby Ashley weighs 3.9 pounds and was born 10/28/00. She too has loose knees, and will need to go to someone who can afford knee surgery, when Ashley is about 8 mos. old. She is in isolation for 10 days, being treated for kennel cough.

"Baby Casper" weighs 6.8 pounds and was born 10/18/00. He is chryptorchid, (retained testicles) and will need to go to someone who can afford to have the special neuter done, when he is 6 mos old. It is like a spay, it is an abdominal surgery. He is being treated for kennel cough too.
ALL of these babies are a sweet as can be!:))