January 29, 2001
Animal Planet comes to film us, for "A Pet Story"!
Ckick here for a sample of what they have on their series, "A Pet Story"

Meet Jackie Peck, our WONDERFUL producer! Susan is trying to get out of the way of the shot, but I got her anyway!:)))) They gave Susan a long interview, and she was terrific!!

Jackie again...look in the upper left hand corner...that is Chipper the Perfect, trying to steal the scene.:)

Here they are, interviewing, my husband, Dale.:) They asked him why he does this..why he helps with Small Paws®.. .He said that "I genuinely love the dogs, who couldn't love these little guys...but even more than that..I love my wife, Robin."
Of course..I sort of lost it again..quietly though..the boom mike was on!:)

Getting the cameras and mikes ready for Dale's Interview.

Susan holds "Fancy", an 11 year old Puppy Mill rescue Maltese. The auctioneer held her up at a Puppy Mill auction, and said "Even if you just get one more pup out of her, you'll get yer money back"....
Another rescue group got her out, and then we took her.
Fancy had 2 teeth, which had to be pulled. Susan carries her everywhere... Fancy sleeeps in the bed with Susan, and that little girl thinks Susan hung the moon. You know what? I think she just may be right.

Animal Planet will let us know when the show will air..probably in late spring or early summer. Of course, I will let all of YOU know, as soon as I do!