February 1, 2001
Gabriel our Smiling Parvo Baby

Gabriel was at a West Virginia Shelter, dying of Parvo.
Gabe at the Shelter
A wonderful woman, Sara, who works at the shelter, took him to the vet for us and saved his life. Then she proceeded to take him home with her, to her parent's mobile home, which was vacant. She and her husband Ken, have taken turn staying with Gabe, and monitoring his IV.
God bless Sara and her husband, for saving this furbaby for us!

UPDATE!Feb 10, 2001
Gabe was not improving, and still had bloody diarreah....despite the best efforts of Sara and her husband, trying to nurse him, sooooo, Sara found a different veterinarian to take Gabe in, and this vet had an isolation room. Through a very aggressive treatment for parvo, four five days, ...Gabriel was saved!

UPDATE 2/27/01
Now we need a foster home for him in the Columbus Ohio area. He is not contagious as long as any other dogs around have had their parvo vaccination.
Gabe is very very sweet and playful. He will return your love ten fold. Can you IMAGINE Gabriel in your home?

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