February 2, 2001

Ok..this is why rescue is needed! Look at the Classified Ad that our volunteer, Lynda De Hart, found for us..Mikey was left behind when his owners moved away! AACK!

Description:  Very happy small dog who needs a forever home. He is neutered, potty trained, and loves children. he is an indoor dog, but loves to go for rides in the car, and walks through the neighborhood. I can email pics... Hoping to find a home before march.  
Date Posted: 01/31/01 
Price: $100.00 Best Offer  
Age: 2 Years 

Email: XXXXXXXXX  Reply to this ad
Location: XXXX, TX  

Lynda found out that this baby had been left behind at an apartment complex, when his owners had moved. The woman who took him in, turned him over to us, for free. She just didn't want to put a "Free to good home" ad, out on the Internet. Look what she wrote to us!

Subj: Re: Bichon
Date: 2/1/2001 8:39:13 AM Central Standard Time
To: xxxxC: Pup3

Bianca, I tried to call but the number must be wrong for it says to check the number and dial again... Maybe there is a number off...
Call me...xxxxxx I will have someone pick the dog up today...
We just have to coordinate the time and place...
Bless you for rescuing this pup... Lynda

LYNDA!!!!!!!!!!!!  i have to get a home for this pup immediately. i was about to see if there was a bishon rescue on the internet, and then you wrote!!!!   i need to give away this dog. he was wondering around my apartment for 2 weeks, in the cold wet rain, trying to get food out of the dumpster. i have asked around, and if someine wanted this dog, they surely havent put up any signs... in fact, they might have moved and left him behind. i took him in because i felt sorry for him. i fed him, bathed him, and applied advantage on him. he is about 2 yrs, and loves children. he has got the bishon personality, jumping on my leather couch like he owns it!! i have a 9 month old great dane, thats 96 pounds, and i dont want him to get hurt when i am not around... my dog just wants a play buddy but isnt aware of his size. he is totally house trained, and loves to go for rides.... i worked at a vet clinic for years, and im well aware of the people who are unfit to raise an animal.... i paid 900$ for my dog, i have bred my persian show cat, and screened the people very carefully. i did not intend to sell the pup, just knew that if someone was willing to pay a little more than an adoption agency, that would be a plus for them..  i had to take him to my parents because my dog was crying at night when i wasnt around, and he never did that before... so, myparents are letting him stay there for 2 days. could you please contact me immediately, this dog has such a great HAPPY personality and alot of love to give. i rescued him, but i need someone to rescue ME! PLEASE HELP!!  call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx

We sent Terri McLain, one of our Texas Volunteers, over there to get this baby right away! He is already neutered, and is a wonderful baby! Look what Terri says is the reason she named him "Mikey"....

Was found at an apartment complex. Has been with a gal at the
apartments who has a 9 mo. old Great Dane. This gal believes
someone moved and left him. AACK! I have had him vetted,
heartworm test should be back tomorrow. He had already been
neutered. The vet also checked
him for a chip, there was none. He is as sweet as can be. The
gal who has had him said he is housebroken, and sure enough,
seems to be. :-) OK, here is why I named him Mikey....He did a
poo is the yard, and of course I had to inspect since he is a
newbie. Low and behold, a crayon, a small piece of a red crayon.
Yuck...anyway, like the saying goes, "Give it to Mikey, he'll eat
anything". :-) He's very good with my two boys and my gang.
He is an active one year old with loads of love to spread around.

Love, Terri
P.S. You have to really watch this guy, he took a bar of soap off the edge
of the tub. He'll be blowing bubbles out the other end soon if I'm
not careful. :-)

(All of this was done, yesterday, before I even knew about it....that's how capable our volunteers are. God bless the SPR volunteers!!)

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