February 11, 2001
1 Year Old Gizmo, sees the Sunshine, at Last

Gizmo spent his first year and a half of life, living all alone in a basement. After that, he was taken to a shelter in Indiana. That's where we came in.
Today, Gizmo went home to his forever home, with the help of some mighty special Small Paws volunteers...

Meet Gizmo's new forever family The Hammond's!

Meet Gizmo's rescue team...from left, Small Paws Rescue Full time Executive Assitant, Carol at CPTHEO4@aol.com, holding her own Small Paws® Rescue baby, "Bailey", Shannon, SPR foster mom and adoptive mom, at Sheters@aol.com, holding "Gizmo", and Mary Lee, at MleeHess@aol.com, holding the world famous Mr. Widget and SPR rescue baby Miss Lily, whom no doubt, went right home and took naps, afterwards.:)
Mr. Widget Gets a Sister from Small Paws® Rescue

This is what Carol tells me about the rescue run today!

Hi Robin,

Today was the day that Gizmo was going to his forever family in Ohio. This morning we loaded up our 4 kids and 4 dogs and Gizmo to meet Shannon and Mary Lee in Townley, Indiana.

Gizmo is a little dog that spent his life in the basement. He was dumped at the shelter and Laura Stroud a wonderful volunteer at the shelter pulled him and helped get him to Small Paws® Rescue. He is a sweet little guy who will give his new family lots of love and laughs with his terrific personality. He is going to live with Karen Hammond and her family, who lost their 9 year old bichon last summer to cancer.

I wrote to Shannon to see if she could help Gizmo get to his new family and her and Mary Lee jumped right in, they were wonderful! We met right on time and had 6 bichons between all of us!

Anyway, this is the wonders of SPR, a little dog who spent his life in a basement, now has a loving family and a stay at home mom who can spoil and love him! And wonderful people like Mary Lee and Shannon who helped us transport Gizmo to his new family!

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