February 15, 2001
Gabi, Our Olympic Spirited Bichon!!!

Gabi then, 5 pounds...Gabi, today at 9 pounds.

A few months ago, we did a buy out..convincing a miller to no longer carry Bichons. He didn't get much money from us, for them, as we convinced him that they were really pretty worthless. :))))
We bought a mom, and her babies, (who he was going to breed WITH the Mom,) and the guy threw in the Mom's sister. We think it was because she was dying. She weighed only 5 pounds...and was absolutely FULL of worms.Susan named the Mom, Holiday Joy, as it was around the Holidays, and she named the sister, Starlight.
First, one of our volunteers (we are protecting her identity in case we have to use her again!) in Mo., went and actually did the purchase with the miller for us. Then Susan went to pick up the babies. Susan was worried for little Starlight. You see, she was so thin, we did not know if she would make it. We sent her to Ellen,at effoshag@pitton.com as a foster home, and she nursed her, and fattened her up. After over 2 months, she flew home today to her forever mama, who has loved her since the first moment she first saw her. Her new name is Gabi...Let me let her new Moma, Cande, tell you why she named her Gabi......this is what she wrote, after I called and told her that Gabi was on the way home to her, this morning..:)

Subj: Gabi
Date: 2/15/2001 11:08:59 AM Central Standard Time
From: cfilip@adelphia.net
To: Pup3@aol.com (Robin Pressnall)

I have been in tears since I talked to you. I can't believe it is time for
Gabi to come home.

Gabi was named Gabrielle for a couple of reasons,
1. Gabrielle Reece is a professional volleyball player that had a terrible childhood, her mother left her with someone to raise and was shifted back and forth many times. She went on to not only play volleyball in college, but became a professional model. She is over 6 FT. tall. My daughter is a volleyball player so that is our connection.

2. Gabrielle - means God is my Strength , Gabi sure needed strength to endure what she did. God was surely on her side.

3. Starlight - she will keep this name in honor of Small Paws® and all you have done for her. We all thank you.

I will be leaving in a few hours to finish the journey home for Gabi. I will email as soon as we get home, probably about 10 tonight. Gabi will be sleeping in her forever home tonight. Thank you all.

Candace K. Filip
Reach for the stars