February 20, 2001
The President's Day Puppies
All of the puppies have now been adopted.:)

"Tazzie" delivered her four babies (1/2 Bichon, 1/2 Pomeranian) on February 19, 2001, President's Day. Their names are..."Abe", "Ike", "Franklin" and "Eleanor", and they are being lovingly fostered by Ron and Christine Broderick, out in Northern California. It was touch and go, and Tazzie had to be taken to the emergency hospital, as her labor had shut down. Here is the story, in the words of Christine, her foster mom!

"Sue Compton from Los Gatos Dog and Cat hospital was on the scene, here for most of 17 hours with us today. She was here helping us as did our vet over the phone several times. By 8:15 this evening our vet did send us off to the emergency clinic to be sure nobody was stuck. All Tazzie needed was a couple of x-rays to ascertain the status of things and a little oxytosin to boost the strength of her contractions. She gave birth to the first two in the emergency clinic and they were ready to send us out the door to allow her to finish things up at home when the 3rd made his entrance. The vet at the emergency clinic said these babies are in much better shape than most they see. After we left the 4th and only little gal, made her way easily into the world on the drive home. It's now 1:15 and we are all weary. Our dear vet even called us at the emergency clinic to see how things were going.
A little while ago Tazzie had some broth and ate a little meal and she and the little ones are settled in their whelping box on a lambs wool fleece all toasty and nice. Tazzie is already hard at work being "supermom". I took some PICS tonight and will take a few more in the morning and run them in to be processed. I will try and get them out tomorrow afternoon. Good night all or should I say good morning. It has been a long day.
Love to all of you and Thank you for all the prayers, pacing and water boiling. Tazzie along with the help of her Small Paws® Family all around the country brought forth 4 darling little souls to bless us all."

Tazzie with 3 little boys and one little girl, on their lambs wool bed.

A HUGE thanks to Sue Compton, the vet tech, who came over to the Broderick's house, and gave 17 hours of her time, to make sure these babies made it into the world safely!! She even delivered "Eleanor", in the car, on the way home from the emergency hospital!

Here is the story of Tazzie and Harley...

A few weeks ago, in a land far, far away, (California) ..we took into rescue, from an owner turn in, a female Bichon, named .....

and a White Pomeranian, named "Harley". The owner didn't really know about all of the over crowding of purebreds, in the shelters, much less mixed-breeds, and Tazzie the Bichon, was already expecting puppies, from "Harley", the white pomeranium. We promtly neutered Harvey and placed him in a loving home, with a family who had had a pomeranian before. They were thrilled!

"Harley" (adopted)

Tazzie and Harley, had been cared for very well, and their owner loved them, but realized that she did not have time to care for them, and contacted us. Tazzie and Harley, had been bred once before..and this is what the puppies looked like..(The owner still had one of them, 6 months old, so we got this picture.) They told us that this puppy was adopted already, and on it's way to a good home. They then turned Tazzie and Harley over to Small Paws® Rescue.

"Pebbles" a puppy from the first litter of Tazzie and Harley's puppies. (She was already adopted)

Tazzie's puppies will all be adopted with very strict spay/neuter agreements, (Iron clad..our lawyer drew it up for us!) and we will spay Tazzie, after the babies stop nursing. The breeding cycle is over for Harley and Tazzie, and none of her babies will ever reproduce, thanks to the loving volunteers at Small Paws® Rescue, and thanks to Ron and Christine Broderick, her foster parents!

UPDATE 3/03/01
Pics of the babies at 10 days old!

Precious Baby Abe!

Ellie and Franklin

Little Ellie

Baby Franklin

Baby Ike

Ike and Abe

Dr. Marilyn holds two of the babies.

Our Puppy Midwife, Sue, holds Tazzie.:) We are very grateful to she and Dr. Marilyn!
This note is from Christine, the foster mom to all.:)

Subj: Puppy Pics
Date: 3/3/2001 5:09:02 PM Central Standard Time
From: Bichonmomma
To: Pup3

I am sending you 9 puppy PICS. Today all went to their first trip to the vet. We are pleased to report that mother and babies are all doing really well. They are bigger than everyone expected. They were quite the stars at the vet's and some staff even came in early to work today, so as not to miss seeing them. There are two PICS of Momma Tazzie who had a happy reunion with Sue Compton the tech who saw all of us through Tazzie's labor and delivery. As you can see Tazzie was really excited to see Auntie Sue again.
Another PIC shows two of the puppies with Dr. Marilyn who took an entire hour to check the entire crew including momma. She even clipped all the tiny little nails so momma Tazzie won't get scratched. There are individual PICS of each puppy. Franklin is the white pup with no ribbon. Elli is easy to spot as she has some apricot markings on her head and looks the most like her Daddy. Abe has the blue ribbon and Ike the white. Elli is the talker of the crowd and I am sure will grow up to be like the wise and great woman that was her name sake. Franklin is the quiet and strong sort. Ike has now grown to be the largest at this point. And what can I say about Abe. You will see this dude kicked back without a care in the world, and his little roly-poly belly ready for a tummy rub. Each puppies has more than doubled his/her weight.
CHRISTINE (Bichonmomma)

UPDATE! MARCH 24 The Puppies are now 4 weeks old!

Baby Abe, and his Auntie Gracie

Ellie, Auntie Gracie, and Mom Tazzie (Far left)

Franklin 4 weeks old

Ike 4 weeks old

All four babies, 4 weeks old
UPDATE! The puppies are all in their new homes now!! Thank you Ron and Christine for this seemingly endless labor of love.

Baby Franklin and his new Mom, Daryll

Baby Ike, now named Dudely, with his new family!

Baby Ellie, now named Tina Marie with her new Mom and Dad.

Baby Abe, with his new family!:)

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