February 28, 2001

From their foster mom:
"The prior owner of Lucky and Chance had a husband who was very ill. She could no longer care for the dogs. They love to go for walks and do very well on leashes (just say "who wants to go for a walk?!)--they get very excited. Lucky , is the one who has the more square face and brown around the chin----he is 7 or 8 years old--his tail is very curly too--more than Chance's. Lucky is very cuddly and loves to sleep next to mommy and daddy on their bed. He sleeps the night through. He eats when you put the food down, barks at strangers and is very sweet, but he hates cats and will bark and give chase. He's great with people and children. He does not chew except chew toys. Lucky also marks---he can smell other dogs in the house and marks the furniture and the floors. We keep him in a cumberbund to keep him from marking and he does not mind at all. He also sleeps with it on at night, which works great. Note: If you open a door he will run out and does not readily respond to his name, so be careful. Chance , who is about 5 years old. is cuddly, sweet, loves to play, has learned to use a doggie door and chase a ball and retrieve it, eats and sleeps when told,answers to his name, if you sing to him he will roll over so you can scratch his tummy, is great around children and adults, and is ok with cats unless he's following Lucky, then he'll chase. He marks only ocassionally. He will usually let you know by standing at the door, when he needs to go out (Lucky will do that sometimes). He and Lucky groom each other and are very close. They seem to have been together for many years. If Lucky gets out, Chance will follow him and they will be hard to catch. He does not chew anything besides chew toys. He loves to cuddle on the bed and loves attention. He really loves walks and as soon as you mention it he will start to "talk." He loves to play with our other doggie, who will really miss her. They are good watch dogs, but they don't bark unnessarily. Chance & Lucky must be placed together, they are very dependent on each other . They are being fostered in southern CA."