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March 6, 2001
The "Frazier" Auction Rescues
Through the combined effort of Bichon lovers, Lhasa Apso lovers, and a Poodle lover, the following dogs were rescued from a Wheaton Mo. Puppy Mill auction.
Why We Go To Puppy Mill Auctions

"Frazier" is the baby Lhasa.:) He was born last August and is 7 months old. He weighs 14.2 pounds. He is unaffected! Frazier is a wiggly, squirmy, tail wagglin' baby boy. He came from one of the rare mills where, they treated him well. This baby flies into ANYONE'S arms, full blast.:) Praise God HE didn't go to a mill, at that auction. That would have been a crime.:(

I tried. Oh how I tried, to get a face picture of baby Frazier. He just doesn't stay STILL long enough! His papers say that he is white, with sable and black markings.:) Frazier is the only one on this page, who can go to a family with children.
Here is Frazier with his new MAMA, Stephanie, just before they went home! His new name is "Tanner!" Look at dat baby!!!

"Eddie" was born on 6/19/96 and is 4 years old. He just wants so, to be loved. He has a sad look on his face now, but it will change, with love. His papers say that he is Red, with a black mask. Eddie weighs 24.1 pounds, and needs an adult home with at least one other dog..

Eddie is becoming VERY affectionate! He is leash trained now, too!

He reminds me of a teddy bear....:) His fur is growing out too!

"Martin" was born 9/24/99 and is 1 year old. Martin weighs 18.5 pounds. He needs to be a sweetie-piebaby for someone, not a farm animal. His papers say that he is black, with white markings...but really, he is more blue? (Is blue a possible color for Lhasas?) Martin needs an adult home with at least one other dog.

Martin, too is becoming more affectionate and is also leash trained.:)))

Martin was starting to come over to me.:)

Nile's auction bill, and vet bill was paid by a poodle lover and he is now up for adoption with Tulsa Poodle Rescue!:)
"Niles" is the poodle. He is supposed to be white, I think, although his papers say "Apricot". Niles was born 8/3/94 and is 6 years old. Niles weighs 11 pounds. Niles has had a hard life, and is lucky just to have survived. Niles is who I worried for, the most. He needed medical attention immediately. His eyes were almost matted shut. You better prepare yourself to scroll down and see his teeth picture. It is graphic. Dr. McKinney will have to put him on antibiotics for several days, before he can be neutered and have a dental done. When I saw his poor little teeth, I swore. I hardly ever swear. His gums are green and black, and bloody looking...and I don't know how many teeth can be saved. He just has to be in misery. He shakes he is so scared, and the rescuer who had him over the weekend, tells me that he won't go potty, without another dog present, and needs an adult home with at least one other dog. (Or he won't go to the bathroom and will blow up.)

Nile's Poor Teeth

As with every Puppy Mill rescue, I assured each dog, that they were ok now. They were in safety. They would never be hurt again, and they had my solemn oath on that.