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March 8, 2001
15 Year Old "Blondie"

I want to tell you a story about about love and dedication. A story of an old thrown away dog, and one of our precious volunteers.
Blondie was alone and shivering in a shelter in Pa. One of our volunteers, Mary at, went to see, what she had been told, was a 10 year old Bichon Mix of some sort. When she got there, she saw this poor 15 year old girl, with mammory tumors.
This is how the conversation went.., between Mary, and Carol, our volunteer executive assitant. You are going to love this..:))

<To: (Carol)
Hello Carol!
It's been a long tough day for me; I drove almost four hours to the shelter and back to get the saddest-looking, most pitiful animal I ever saw.
When I called the vet for an appt, she asked me what breed it was and I said, "I think she used to be a Bichon/poodle."
Blondie is fifteen, going bald, leaks and hasn't stopped wagging her
tail since she came inside. She likes everybody, dogs, cats, me.
Blondie looks so grateful to be here I could cry. Andy (my pmr Bichon) keeps challenging her and she just wags. She leaks and he marks!! He hasn't done that for months and now no vertical surface is safe.
I'm exhausted. Pictures will follow.

Carol writes "I thought Blondie

was only 10, yikes, do you think she is placable??"

Mary Writes "Hell no! I realized when I saw her that nobody would take her and if I walked away from her she would die even though she seems very healthy (internally).
When I gave her the biscuit I brought her, she looked in my face and licked my hand.
The other furries seem to have accepted her already so I'll take care of her until God volunteers.


Do we have great people, or what? I was so touched by Mary doing this....of course we will take Blondie to the vet and see what we can do for her to make her comfortable....but Mary will love her, and take care of her..until, as she says, God volunteers. Bless you Mary Dowling..God Bless you...